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Everything You Want
To Know About Digital
Digital Marketing is a field where the scope is wide but the competition is
immense. Hence it is important that every major aspect is ticked in order to
create a buzz online among online visitors. In order to know everything about
Digital Marketing, we must first go through the basic factors that helps in
building up the website and content for the website. These factors are pillars
of digital marketing that brings in the web traffic in the first place.
The Basic Building Blocks For Digital Marketing: A
Guide To A Well Optimized Website
Building a website is the first step to enter into the vast premise of Digital
Marketing. Here are the basic building blocks that you must take note of with
respect to designing your optimized site.
Choosing your URL
Meta-Description or snippets
Image optimization
Internal and External links
Keywords define your site. To relate to your audience what exactly your site is
about, you use keywords. Google's algorithm actually calculates the "keyword
density" of your site in order to rank it. Nowadays, key phrases hit bigger with
online audiences, so the focus has shifted there.
Choosing Your URL
This is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which comes to
play while designing your website. After you have thought of a well optimized
keyword based name for your site, you must decide on the domain URL. Also,
while Google indexes your page as per the genre of your site, your URL is one
of the prominent factors.