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diluted hydrogen peroxide h202 for

Consume hydrogen peroxide H202, it's not suggested to consume it within this full strength form,
as food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) that you'll buy on the wholesaler might be 35%. Though
when you consume it, it is going to be between 30ppm and 200ppm. There are several of
products that shall be totally poisonous if you drink it before dilution - contemplate Coke a Cola -
that's the reason it is really quite ridicules' any time I examine blog posts and articles regarding
H202 and then they will quote all the properties for a 35% strength.

Quite a few people are not always so clever, and so they place hydrogen peroxide 35% into a
transparent container, put it into the fridge, without marking it, after which consume it later by
mistake. This said, I can't comprehend even then how one can drink it because it burns your
mouth, however if you simply don't taste what you consume and just gulp it down... not so bright.

So if at all possible don't purchase it in 35% strength, buy it in 3% to 7.5% potency, and when
possible decide to purchase a slow release hydrogen peroxide, so that it is not essential to
maintain it in the freezer. Rather keep it in a proper wentelated place away from the children or
strangers, within the bottle you purchase it in as so there will be no misunderstanding precisely
what it is.

Maybe the FDA has had a notice telling people not to consume high strength hydrogen peroxide,
but I see it to be a tiny bit misleading, because it almost feels like they are saying don't consume
hydrogen peroxide, though they definitely say don't consume high strength. So they say just be
sure you don't by accident consume high strength, and so do I.

35% / 2 = +- 18% / 2 = 9% / 2 = +- 4% / 2 = 2% / 2 = 1% / 2 = 0.5% / 2 = 0.25% / 2 = 0.125% ...

So what is the point? You simply add one or two drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide per litre of
water if you want to drink it. Yes that will provide you with approximately 30 parts per million.

This diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide that will have to be drunk on any empty stomach .

My best suggestion would be to buy a 7.5% slow release food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202)
as this isn't classified as an unsafe goods, the added advantage the following is that you can
consume it at any point, as this one reacts to anaerobic pathogens and so having bait in your
stomach isn't a problem.

Dont forget use this H202 diluted water every which you could, in drinking water, when you cook
your ingredients, steam your ingredients etc. Our systems is utilized to keeping them with
hydration and nourishment as h202 aids in digestion. If you wish to know more please evaluate
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