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Direct to home services are becoming popular
by the day for television users. While most of us
are aware of the advantages a DTH service
offers, there is one particular point that serves
as a disadvantage. The setting up of the
receiving antenna needs to be done with
absolute precision. Even a slight tilt in the angle
of the antenna could lead to distorted signals
& a poor picture quality.
dipole antennas

The antenna install process is a complex one to perform Various
issues need to be taken care of before working on the actual
installation Signal levels differ from one place to another

Certain antennas dipole antennas don't work if the signal
strength lies beyond its reception level Skilled technicians first test
the signal strength at your residential or industrial premises Highly
skilled antenna installers then choose to install the antenna at an
appropriate place based on the altitude and the available signal

Thereafter, the coaxial cable is connected from the dish to the
receiver For better antenna design, it is good to use the zip ties and
screw clips for attaching the cable to the mast After a successful
installation, the quality of reception needs be tested thoroughly

If you are experiencing problems with your existing antennas,
professional technical help is needed to resolve these issues These
technicians will diagnose the problem thoroughly and suggest
custom solutions to resolve the issue Hiring skilled technicians is
highly recommended for all your antenna installation needs

Before choosing a professional company, people need to confirm
their quality of service through the testimonials left behind by the
existing customer base The best antenna installation companies
also offer a warranty for 3 to 5 years and strong customer support for
their services

Most antenna specialists also offer additional services such as
installation of data points and telephones, TVs and home theatres,
setting up of internet access, repairing or installing data cable
network and setting up or troubleshooting your home network

dipole antennas