Discover How You Can Grow Your Small Business

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3 Methods of Improving Your Small Business

If one considers how poorly the economy has been on a global scale, for many small businesses the
concept of growth could imply simply doing the same amount of business as before. There are various
ways for you to look at the issue and you can go for one option or both. You could employ various
marketing strategies you hadn't previously tried. The second strategy would be to increase your market
penetration through new products and promotions. Related to the second method is moving into
related markets because that will give you greater expansion. You will have access to new marketing and
advertising methods when you sell products that are related. So, instead of employing the same thinking
or focusing on the idea that the market is shrinking, you need to remain positive.

It's almost certain that you have something on the backend you can offer your clients. Just in case you
didn't know, the best prospective clients are those who have already bought something from you. They
are already considered warm prospects because they've already gone through a transaction with you.
These people will be more open to your offers, especially if you offered excellent value and service. The
key to success, though, is to make sure you only send them great offers or you risk ruining the
relationship. This approach has been used effectively offline for many years, providing it doesn't work
just online. There is plenty of evidence - decades worth - to show that direct mail offers can be highly

Increasing the business that goes in to your website needs to include taking care of how well your site is
going to convert. All of the different sites could stand to have higher conversions and the path to get to
them is typically usability. You can judge your current situation by taking stock of your bounce rate.
Then you just have to find out how long visitors are actually staying on your website and what they do to
get past the page on which they have landed. You want all of your pages to be simple for your readers
and your customers to use.

One important example is your contact page--make sure it has your phone number printed on it. It is
even possible to optimize your calling by putting links that will call with just one click of your mouse. This
is employed by smart phones and actively encourages users to actually call you.

If your business isn't online, then you need to do more offline advertising locally. However, you should
attempt to do things a little more scientifically and make use of ad tracking. This is not hard to do and
it's done in a variety of ways. One approach is to publish offers specific to each publication you are

using. Just about every town and city have the weekly shopper papers mailed free to residents. Simply
place your different offers and maybe a coupon in each paper. This will show you which approach is
most effective at getting you calls and leads. You can entice readers to visit your site with the promise of
more information on their special deal, which makes it even easier to test. You have no excuses for
feeling like you have no more ideas for marketing your small business. Most small businesses do not
have marketing departments. So it falls on your shoulders to assume the role of marketing manager. Get
on to the Internet and expand your knowledge base and then get to work on taking some genuine
action. Visit our website for more info.