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The Diversity Myth
THE DIVERSITY MYTH charges that ‗politicized‘ classes and student activities
have led to an ironic intolerance on campus—intolerance of all things Western.‖
―The story of THE DIVERSITY MYTH is based at Stanford, but this book is larger
than that. As a Harvard graduate, I recognize my own school in these pages, and
quite likely you will too. By detailing the current corruption of our academic ideals
with a larger audience, David Sacks and Peter Thiel have hastened the much-
needed and long-awaited restoration of higher education.‖
United States Congressman
―If you want to find out what went wrong at Stanford University, read THE
DIVERSITY MYTH. There's hardly a better source than this book for learning why
multiculturalism on campus cannot work.‖
former Director, U. S. Commission on Civil Rights
THE DIVERSITY MYTH is a carefully documented and sensitively recorded
historical account of the whole tragic saga, together with keen analysis of how all
this could have happened. Future historians will find this book indispensable.‖
The Diversity Myth
Multiculturalism and Political Intolerance on Campus
Foreword by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
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The Diversity Myth : ―multiculturalism‖ and the politics of intolerance at Stanford /
David O. Sacks and Peter A. Thiel
Includes references and index.
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