Do These 10 Things When Planning Any Digital Marketing Project

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What do Startups, Small businesses and mid-size companies have in commo n?
They all need web traffic, not just any traffic - Traffic that converts clicks into visitors and in turn customers .
With no doubt of your marketing strategy, digital marketing should be all yo u need to grow your business in
this clutching and congested world of instant gratification.
The goal is to have a marketing strategy that works for the long term not in 2 weeks , 1 month or 1 year -
you get the gist. To understand a few things, here;
Charlotte Ananda from Platinum Digital Marketing talks about the aspects y ou need to consider when
creating a digital marketing campaign.
When planning a Digital Marketing project you need to consider the many aspec ts involved to make a
successful campaign. Digital marketing professionals will aim to look at your
campaigns separate aspects as a whole to ensure they all support each other in th e marketing funnel.
Here are 10 better marketing strategies when planning your Digital Marketing Adventure;
1. A Good campaign will look at a few main aspects as a minimum which will include a professional web
design built with a good structure on a reliable hosting as a starting block.
2. The next stage will involve looking into your market, who are they? What is required to eng age them in
your website and your products or services?
3. A strategic digital marketing company would then use this information to produce a strong keyword list on
which the SEO aspect of your digital marketing project will be centralized around.
4. A strong integration of these chosen keywords would be needed and a fully concise SEO campaign will
then need to be written. This will include planning for both directories and industry relevant links which will
point traffic back to your site from across the web.
5. As you might know, link building is a very central point to planning and applying any digital marketing
project, so this aspect needs to be carried out with extreme care and attention - to e nsure that you build
quality links over quantity.
6. Mass directory link submissions may sound like a easy quick route to that page 1 position but it often will
result in sites being penalized and dumped in the face of the search engine and can ruin your project.
Simple - DON'T DO IT. Instead focus on your niche high quality pr links that drive targeted traffic your way.
7. Once you have nailed your SEO planning and have a good variety of links, you need to look at how to
plan and support this effort with social media and quality content creation to boost th e general social media
buzz around your company.
8. Find some good high pr quality article sites to submit your written content, this will boost your digital
marketing project even more by driving additional traffic to your site.
9. Boost your social media profiles and use these to your advantage to create a platform where you can
manage your business reputation in the digital world without spending a fortune. Social media marketing is
becoming more and more important over time, do not brush off as unnecessary - it will come back to bite
you if you are serious about building a brand.
10. Keeping your work regular and consistent is essential if you want a quality c ampaign with quality results.
Planning for a nice and frequent process over several months will bring about the kind of results that most
startups, small and large business owners require.
After completing and implementing your powerful digital marketing strategy. You will need to Commit
reviewing your digital marketing project plan every 6 months - Adjusting and upgrading your techniques a nd
strategies while maintaining what works and eliminating the dead channels.
Industry changes constantly and can affect your business aims and goals - fluctu ating your marketing
efforts. This is just one aspect of getting started with digital marketing as there are o ther marketing channels
- Video marketing, e-mail marketing, PPC marketing.