Does It Make Good Business Sense To Outsource Animation Work?

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Does It Make Good Business Sense To Outsource Animation Work?
Summary: Combining creativity and technical skills, multimedia and animation are in great demand
across industries but require hefty investment by businesses. Here’s h it’s a better deal to
outsource animation work in terms of pricing and a host of benefits.
Great multimedia design and animation elevate and reinforce your brand and image but cost big
money. Outsource animation work to countries like India can deliver world-class services at
affordable rates. For SMBs and start-ups, outsourcing multimedia and animation services can
provide a level playing field with big businesses and MNCs.
Why Should Businesses Outsource Animation And Multimedia Services?
Multimedia applications are used in diverse industries and domains including entertainment,
eLearning, advertising, gaming, simulation, software, and much more. With constantly changing and
improving technology, multimedia applications are consistently innovating. These feature-rich
applications require complex professional skills in terms of functionality and visualization, and
SMBs with limited budgets take the obvious option of offshore outsourcing to countries like India to
maximize their ROI.
How Does Outsourcing Animation Work Benefit Businesses?
Cost-effective price: Outsource animation work to countries like India can deliver benefits of cost
arbitrage to SMBs while delivering quality work. A graphic design expert in the US expects an
average salary of $51, 496 per annum while their Indian counterparts can deliver comparable
services for less than $8,000 per annum. The difference in salary, added to infrastructure, and
recruitment expenses, can translate into considerable saving for SMBs outsourcing to India.
Skilled and experienced professionals: Multimedia and animation industry is a dynamic one and is
growing manifold in areas like gaming, simulation, web and mobile apps, sci-fi and animation
pictures, and much more. Looking for a high-end skill-set and proficiency, it makes sense for SMBs to
hire multimedia artists from India, offering skilled labor exposed to international work environment.
Moreover, due to multimedia design and animation across multiple industries, the employees have
valuable domain experience, which can deliver multimedia benefits to businesses owned by SMEs
to get a competitive edge.
Cutting edge technology: Benefits of hiring multimedia artist from India through established
multimedia services providers brings along sophisticated and latest multimedia technology and
delivery platformswithout any extra investment. In keeping with the burgeoning demand for
ultiedia professioals, estalished edors esure eploees’ eposure on creative and
problem solving skills such as visualization and innovation apart from focusing on hardware and
software tools of the trade. This can help the multimedia professionals achieve an international
level of expertise.
Quick turnaround time: Easy availability of skilled multimedia design and animation professionals in
India and streamlined workflow contributes to shorten the processing time for your product, leading
to quick turnaround time. Moreover, a good vendor will ensure strict adherence to the delivery
shedule, ad eetig liet’s epetatios i ters of innovation, skills, and accuracy.
India is a preferred destination to outsource animation work with cost-effective and expert
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