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A Walk While Your Work - Registration Form

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(416) 655-1282 - Jeremiah Lankford

Licensed and Insured in the City of Toronto.
Thank You for choosing A Walk While You Work for your Pet Services needs! Below is the registration
form, which is the first step to becoming a client. After we receive your form, we will arrange a home
visit, where our walker will meet the pet(s), and discuss plans, options and details with the owner.
If there is anything not in the application you wish to discuss, don’t hesitate to E-Mail, or Call A Walk
While You Work!
Clients Information
Address, City, Province
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Work, or Emergency Contact
Veterinarian Name
Veterinarian Address
Veterinarian Phone Number
Pet Information
Name of the Dog(s)
Spay/Neuter ?
Commands Your Pet Knows
Health Issues / Illnesses
Work URL

How would you describe your Dog’s energy level?
How much canine to canine socialization does your Dog get?
How does your Dog get along with other Dogs, Humans, and Animals?
Below is the schedule for walks. In put the time range you would ideally want your Dog walked. For
any day your Dog will not require a walk, just leave the ‘Time’ field blank. Emergency Weekend
walks can be discussed on a client by client basis.
Day of the Week
Time of Walk
Upon submitting this application to [email protected], we will contact you to arrange
a home visit where we will meet you and your dog to discuss your options. A key, and any additional
information regarding entry to the property will be required upon agreement to use A Walk While
You Work’s walking services. These keys will be kept securely, and returned immediately upon re-
Thank you for choosing A Walk While You Work. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!

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