Donate A Car To Charity

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Do You Have A Car That You Could Donate To Someone In Need?
Owning a car has been a part of the American Dream for over 100 years. Our cities and towns are built
upon a vast network of roads and interstate highways that link Americans to their families, their friends
and, most importantly to some, their jobs. However, not owning a car or having a working vehicle
available can be a huge obstacle to someone trying to maintain or improve their lives, causing them to
lose or not accept jobs strictly on the basis of ready transportation. Luckily for some of these people,
charities and the always amazing depth of giving from the public have teamed up to help put reliable
transportation in the hands of those who desperately need it but can't afford it.
We have assembled tips and suggestions to help you find the easiest way to donate your car to a charity
that will use it to help improve the lives of one of their clients. Some of the most well-known charities
* Goodwill
* The Salvation Army
* Disabled American Veterans
Keep in mind that most larger cities have local charities that have these types of programs as well.
Many churches will accept donations of cars and charitable groups such as the Lions Club, Rotary, Elks
Club and others may take your donation and either sell it to help fund their projects or give the vehicle
to a needy party.
Because it is a wonderful thing to do! You not only help someone whose life will be improved
dramatically with a working car, but you can benefit from the generous tax credit that the IRS will grant
you (under the proper circumstances. Make sure you work with the charity to get the correct
documentation). Everyone benefits by your generous gesture, and isn't that the ultimate goal of a