Donating Eggs for Money

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Donating Eggs for Money

Fertility clinics are aggressively looking for
young women who might consider donating
eggs for money. The advertisements are now
finding their way into print ads and movies
including the potential financial compensation
awaiting those donating eggs for money.

You might think that donating eggs for money
is ludicrous and that you would never, in a
million years, do it regardless of the amount.
However, for young women who are strapped
for cash, it might seem like an easy way to
earn a quick buck. Unfortunately, it's not as
easy as locking oneself in a private room and
ejaculating into a cup.

Aside from the obvious financial
compensation, when a women donate eggs is
also emotionally and spiritually rewarding. It
gives you the opportunity to provide a couple
with the gift of life in the form of a child.

Most young women donating eggs for money
are misinformed about the procedure. A
potential applicant would be undergoing
extensive evaluation and testing for
transmittable diseases and abnormalities. A
applicant who will be donates eggs will also be
undergoing psychological evaluation since she
will be waiving all legal right over the child.

The qualified applicants who will be donating
eggs are then put on birth control pills to
synchronize the menstrual cycle with that of
the beneficiary. The applicant will
continuously inject herself with hormone
stimulants that influence the normal ovarian

Then, around 35 hours prior to egg retrieval,
the donor will then inject herself with the big
shot that will stimulate the egg production.
During the egg retrieval process, the donor is
usually anesthetize and a needle is inserted
through the vaginal wall to retrieve around 20
to 30 eggs. These eggs are microscopically
small and is described to be as big as a dot.

The entire process prior to retrieval is about
six weeks and it will take another six weeks for
the body to return to normal.

For young women who are donating eggs, it is
important to know there are serious side
effects to the procedure. Ovarian
hyperstimulation syndrome is one such
harmful side effect.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS
will cause the person donating eggs to retain
fluid and the ovaries to swell. This would
usually go away after your next cycle however;
you maybe monitored and advised bed rest
and pain medications.