Dr Ronald Perkins Dallas Texas

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Ron Perkins
D.D.S, M.S.D.
Dr. Perkins is one of the most progressive and comprehen-
sive orthodontists in the Dallas/Rockwall area. His extensive
experience in TMJ problems has allowed him to better treat
patients in all modalities including Invisalign, braces, early
treatment, and airway/sleep apnea problems. He improved
the design of a sleep apnea/snoring appliance to support the
TMJ, reduce serious side effects, and greatly improve the
comfort level. His modied appliance has been more than
96 percent successful. His extensive experience in early treat-
ment (ages 5-10), such as jaw development, expansion, and
airway improvement reduces the need for future surgery as
well as possible sleep apnea problems. He is passionate about
helping patients with sleep apnea at any age.
9757 White Rock Trail
Dallas, Texas 75238 • 214.553.5553
301 N. Goliad
Rockwall, Texas 75087 • 972.722.2200
EDUCAT ION D.D.S. and M.S.D. in Orthodontics, Baylor
University College of Dentistry; Diplomate of
the American Board of Orthodontics