Dragon Fruit Juice

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Dragon Fruit Juice

Also Known As: Pitaya, Pitahaya, Dragonfruit, Night Blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the
Night, Conderella plant, Mood Flower.

The dragon fruit is a night flowering, vine-like cacti plant that is native to South and Central America,
and Mexico.

The fruit is now cultivated in Asian countries including Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri
Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

Dragon Fruit is also grown in Northern Australia, Hawaii, Israel, southern China, and Okinawa.

The dragon fruit has a yellowish colored flower that is about 1 foot long and about 9 inches wide. It is
bell-shaped and very fragrant. The flowers open in the early evening and wilt by daybreak.

The fruit is sweet and juicy, similar to a watermelon, kiwi, or pear. It is oblong, the most popular
species is bright pink to red in color, with green overlapping rind scales and the edible white interior of
the fruit with hundreds of sesame-size black seeds.

The fruit comes in three types all in the Cetaceae family group with leathery, slightly leafy skin:

Species: Hylocereus Undatus with White Flesh, and red outer skin.
Species: Hylocereus Polyrhizus - with Red Flesh, and red outer skin.
Species: Selenicereus Megalanthus with White Flesh, and yellow outer skin.
What is dragon fruit juice? The fruit is converted into juice by mashing or blending. It is available in
commercial drinks and juices.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruit