DT - Is Dragon Medical Practice Edition Available In Spanish?

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DT - Is Dragon Medical Practice Edition Available In Spanish?

Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition, a unique software solution for medical professionals
that helps increase production of medical documentation is available in not only English,
but in Spanish - http://dragontranscription.com/store/dragon-medical-espanol.html . With
an expansion to the Spanish language, more medical professionals can benefit from this
helpful software program.

The software incorporates revolutionary voice recognition software that allows medical
professionals to speak the contents of documents, rather than type the information. How
does this help with medical records? Well, it reduces the tediousness of creating these
documents, makes the process much more fluid and now, and it allows Spanish-speaking
people interact with the same great software.

Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition was designed and developed with an expansive
medical vocabulary, which now enters the world of Spanish. Medical professionals will
benefit from this development because the software understands and recognizes even the
most specialized and complicated words.

You don't have to worry--the software will interpret what you say and use it in the
correct context. Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition understands medical vocabulary from
both English and Spanish. This voice recognition technology is quite intuitive and smart.

With an expansive medical vocabulary and swift features, medical professionals will find
themselves creating and managing medical documents with ease, and faster than ever
before. One of the neatest aspects of this software is the ability to create templates and
simply dictate within those templates.

You probably use the same template for numerous patients, so why create that every time
you start creating new records? You don't have to. Simply tell Dragon(R) Medical Practice
Edition which template you wish to use and then start dictating the documentation you
want to record. With templates you can increase workflow and improve the
documentation process completely.

Now, templates aren't just for medical documentation use. You can create and use
templates for emails you use every day for patients and other medical professionals. This
way you aren't creating the same format over and over, which makes your work much
less monotonous.

Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition makes it easy to create and upload documentation
directly to your electronic database. Instead of going through the hassle of uploading
information from hand-written documents, you can already create and manage documents

So, whether you speak English or Spanish, you can receive the tremendous benefits that
come from this type of medical transcription software. It enables medical professionals of
all practices and in all locations. Language is not a barrier.