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6 Mesmerizing Things That Bloggers Must Know About the
Latest Version of WordPress
All the bloggers will definitely have heard about the WordPress CMS. It is the most
popular blogging platform across the globe and is being used by more than 23.3% of
the world’s top 10 millio n websites as of January 2015. Almost 60 mi llion websites
are powered by this platform. Recently a latest version of WordPress has been
launched and is named as ‘Dinah’. This new version WordPress 4.1 Dinah proves to be
the apparent milestone for WordPress because of its numerous updates, fixes,
improvements and some amazing features. You might be a seasonal developer or a
user, this version offers something to be excited about.
Here are a few things that all the bloggers need to know:
1. The New Default Theme:
The new default theme is the first and foremost thing that one would notice in
WordPress 4.1. It is a neat and content focused blog theme which is designed keeping
the mobile first approach in mind. It just looks perfect across wide array of devices
and also gets adapted to any screen size while maintaining some important aspects of
web usability.
2. Distraction Free Writing Mode:
Another feature which has been very controversial during the release of WordPress
4.1 was distraction-free writing mode. The WordPress developers know that,
sometimes the bloggers might have to concentrate solely on writing and hence they
have streamlined WordPress content editor in a hassle-free environment; so that they
can just start typing and everything would just fade away allowing you to concentrate
on the content.
3. Inline Image Editing:
In the updated WordPress 4.1 version, if you just click an image in ‘visual editor ’, you
will see five options such as remove, edit, align right, align left, and no alignment
instantly. Using these options, you can edit or format your images which are
embedded in the content. This was not possible in the earlier versions of WordPress.
So we can say that the WordPress 4.1 has simplified and automated the process of
image formatting.
4. Better Session Management:
This new update has introduced an amazing session management function using
which users can have a complete control over all the sessions they are handling on
different devices. So there is no doubt in this feature to prove that it would be very
useful when you lose your mobile device or forget to log out in a public computer.
5. Social Icon Menu:
As mentioned in the first point, WordPress comes with a n ew default theme which has
built-in support for popular social buttons like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google
Plus and Twitter. All that you have to do is to create a menu containing URL’s of your
social network profiles along with your name. Then the theme will convert them into
crisp and perfectly sized icons.
6. Vine Embeds:
The new WordPress 4.1 version lets users to embed videos from Vine (short form
video sharing service) into a page or a post. You c an now embed your videos as
simply as you were doing it on YouTube. You just have to copy the URL from the
browser and paste it into the page or post which you would like to embed it on. It
automatically gets converted into a Vine embed.
Apart from the above mentioned things you can expect a lot more of features in
WordPress 4.1 Dinha. So it will definitely be helpful for all the blog gers who want to
use this stupendous platform.
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