Dynamic Role of Charitable Trust in Bangalore to Eradicate Poverty

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Dynamic Role of Charitable Trust in Bangalore to Eradicate Poverty
The purpose of a charitable trust is designed to improve, benefit, or uplift the society concern
or issues to relief the social evils, improvement the legal system, and promote education,
women rights, employment, and health care. While poverty is a major concern in a country like
India, the charitable trust in Bangalore is working tremendously to eliminate this huge social
evil as this is hindering in the overall growth of the country’s economy. People are struggling for
the basic requirements of life food, shelter, and clothing. However, India has experienced a
rapid growth in the socio-economic sphere over last few decades that have brought the country
out of the poverty, which h as shot up the increased literacy rate and thus, people have got a
better access to the education institutions. However, in terms of demography and area, some
parts of the country are still struggling to meet the basic needs like education, shelter, health,
food, and cloth. Though poverty is rather quite subjective, it can be largely defined as the
failure to secure even the least requirements of life.
The origins of povert y in India run the inmost among the community of scheduled castes and
tribes in the rural areas. Along with civic bodies and several government agencies, a charitable
trust in Bangalore is playing a crucial role in cutting down the extent of the poverty in India.
These charitable trusts engage themselves with the social communities and put efforts to
aware people in the areas of disease control, sanitation, h ealthcare, education, poverty, and
provide an emotional support to fix those issues.
A charitable trust in Bangalore is o perating the activities among the neediest communities in
the country that are aimed to empower the society, especially children that are the expected to
bring the bright future for their community. Education is considered to be a great weapon to
eradicate the poverty and empowers people to take a life changing decisions free from the
shackles of the poverty. These trusts have taken the responsibility to promote the education to
remove poverty from its root.