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In this report I want to talk about getting the most out of the products
method is one that has been proven to work and one that is adaptable
you purchase. These are things you invest your time and money in
as things continue to change. The people who don’t really get a lot
and they could be seminars, coaching or consulting products that
of success and those who don’t experience what it is they want will
get delivered to your home or through eBooks. Regardless of what
often have an ad hoc system where nothing is really predefined.
you’re purchasing, what I want to know is if you’re getting the most
of out it?
There are choices that you have to make and not only do you need
to predefine what it is you are going to do but you also need to have
You know the old saying “it’s easier said than done” and for most
a schedule of what is supposed to be done and stay committed to
things this can be very true. What I want to talk about in this report
this schedule. You should schedule this just as you would a doctor’s
is how to make it easier done than said. I want to help you figure
appointment. When you schedule an appointment you have a date
out a way to make this possible.
and a time and this is exactly what you need to be doing.
You need to make sure that you schedule what it is that is important
for you. You need to look at all the things that you have to get done.
There are three quick decisions that you can then make. You are
going to do it all yourself, you are going to insource it (this means
giving it to someone internally that works for your company) or you
are going to outsource it (this is where you give it to someone else
to do).
One of the first things you have to do is get to the point where it’s
easier done than said. You need to understand that every single
person has a system or a method that they use to get things done.
Regardless of what it is you’re doing, you do have a system that you
use. You do have a methodology behind your madness. The question
There really are only three choices that you need to make.
that you need to ask is whether you like the results you are getting
or not.
You need to make sure that you don’t use any kind of ad hoc
methodologies or go about things the ad hoc way. You need to make
There is a difference between the people who excel, those that
sure that you have things defined and that you have them clearly
struggle and those that don’t succeed at all. Those that excel have
defined: what you’re going to do, where you’re going to do it and
a very predefined system and methodology that they use. This
how you’re going to do it…and that you’re committed to doing it.

This can be made even easier if you have an accountability partner.
could do, should do, must do and will do.
This is someone who makes you accountable for your actions. It
could be your family and the way it works is that if you don’t keep
You need to ask three simple questions in relation to what you can
your schedule and you don’t achieve success it will affect them.
do more of. This applies to the question of whether you should do
This person is someone that will help to keep your feet to the fire
it yourself, insource or outsource. What should you be doing to help
and make sure that you remain focused so that you can move
things move forward?
The next question you need to ask is what should I do less of. There
There is more to it than this and I believe that we go through three
are some things that just don’t have the high impact. These things
stages. If we really want to push things forward, then you will have
don’t have the high degree or relevance and they are not as important
beliefs, desires and actions.
as some of the other things that you should be doing. These are
things that you should be doing less of and in some cases you may
The belief part of this is the ‘I can do it.’ You have to look at what
want to eliminate them completely.
you want, look it right in the eye, stare it down and say, “I can do it.
I can do this.” You don’t want to be wavering or be on the fence of
doubt and uncertainty. You have to really be convinced that you can
do it.
The next stage is desire. This is the desire of wanting to do it. You
move from ‘I can do it’ to ‘I will do it.’
The third stage then becomes ‘I am doing it.’ No matter where we
are in life if we are looking for some kind of improvement then we
are doing something. It may not be really well defined and you may
not be using a fine tuned method and you may end up with great
frustration but the fact of the matter is you are doing something.
To summarize, you need to look at what you are doing and ask:
It doesn’t matter if you are doing it the right way or the wrong way
right now. What matters is that you are doing something. This is
What should I be doing more of? – These should be the things
a demonstration of the fact that you have some desire to get things
that will produce the kind of results that you want to see or at least
done and you also have a certain amount of belief that you can get
will be taking you in the direction of where you want to go to see the
things going.
ultimate results that you desire.
If this is something that you have been doing but you haven’t been
What should I do less of? – These are things that are not giving
receiving the results you desire then the next step is to clear things
you results and things that are not important.
What should stay the same? – What are the things that can continue
What you need to do is look at what you’re doing and then what you
to stay the same for the moment?

When you have answered these questions you will have things
products or services. The key is to keep your focus on your core
predefined and the next step is to define things further. By this, I
business aspects. Broadening your focus means understanding
mean answering how you’re going to do it what you’re going to do,
where it is, what it is you are driven by, what your core is and where
when you’re going to do it, etc. You also need to commit to doing
it can take you.
it and you need to make sure that you schedule things. You have
to be committed to doing things and actually following through on
You can look at focus on a day to day basis and ask yourself what
your decisions.
are some of the thing that you may need to broaden your focus on.
You may need to broaden your focus to cover something as simple
A lot of business owners carry a huge burden and feel like they have
as traffic. You might be generating traffic to a website or blog and
to do everything themselves. This is wrong, remember you have
you are focused on SEO (search engine optimization) buy you might
three choices, you either do it yourself, you insource to somebody
need to broaden your focus to cover things like blogs and using
on your team or you outsource it to someone else.
social networking and social marketing.
You don’t need to become overwhelmed in this because remember
you can do it yourself, insource or outsource. In this sense of
broadening your focus you might realize that you need to broaden
The other thing you need to do is look at your focus. When you look
your focus on traffic generating and that you need to outsource this.
at your focus you want to know if you should broaden it or narrow
it. Should you broaden your focus to cover a few more things that
You might also realize that you have been narrowing your focus in
will ultimately help you on your journey to success?
certain areas too. You might have been focusing on way to many
things. Let’s use the example of traffic strategies to show this
Broadening your focus doesn’t mean you lose your focus. You’re
expanding it. Look at areas where you can expand without losing
focus of what you and your business are all about. How can you
You might be trying to do 50 different traffic techniques but you’re
add to your current business? You might be able to create additional
not getting the results from any of them.

In this case you might actually need to narrow your focus. You may
that action is worth something and it’ll be worth more to you if you
have a broad focus and you might have other people doing it but
clean it up. If you clean it up and you focus it and you define it then
because it is being done in an ad hoc way you have no idea what’s
you are guaranteed to get more impact from it.
going to work.
Next, you have to make one of those three decisions. Are you going
What you need to do, whether you pass the work along to someone
to do it yourself? Are you going to insource it to somebody or are
else, outsource it or do it yourself, you need to make sure you define
you going to outsource it? Outsourcing can be hiring some kind of
it as a system so that you can analyze it and see exactly what works
company to have them get it done.
and what doesn’t. This will allow you to focus more attention on the
things that do work and eliminate or redefine the things that don’t.
You need to look at things clearly and make the decision to optimize
your performance by asking yourself, “What should I do more of,
When it comes to making sure things are easier done than said you
what should I do less of, and what should stay the same?”
need to define what it is that is supposed to be done and you need
to make it clear. You need to define it, outline it and process map
Make sure that you pay attention to your focus. Should your focus
it. Do whatever you have to do, so you have a great degree of clarity
be broadened or should your focus be narrow?
on it.
I have given you a lot in this report. These are things that I personally
Don’t continue to go in this ad hoc fashion because if you’re doing
practice, so I know that they work. When I pass these on to clients,
it in an ad hoc way, which means it’s not defined at all, then it is
it works for them as well.
going to be a great source of frustration for you. Plus, if you’re doing
it in an ad hoc way it becomes very, very difficult for you to measure
You need to define what it is you are going to do or what other people
are going to do and make the decision. When you make the decision
you need to know that it is something you can do. This is where
belief comes in. On top of belief you can also add passion and that
is the refusal to live without it.
The belief part is knowing that ‘I can do it.’ The desire is knowing
that ‘I will do it’and this should be something that you want to have
because you understand the impact. Then you have the ‘I am doing
it.’ This allows you to survey what it is you are already doing. This
is where you can see how well you are doing and where you need
If you can clearly define and focus on success in your business or
to focus more.
your life and you put everything into practice then you can guarantee
that you will achieve what it is you desire. It really is down to you
Even if it is being done in an ad hoc way you are doing something
and if you follow the advice in this report and create your own defined
and you need to acknowledge that. You cannot minimize that because
and focused approach you will be achieving the results you desire.

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Easier Done Than Said Worksheet
In the context of your business and making things easier done than said answer the questions that follow:
Are you using a defined business strategy?
Are you asking the three questions (yourself, insource or outsource)?
Do you have an accountability partner?

Easier Done Than Said Worksheet
Thinking about internal perspective as it applies to your situation please consider the questions that follow:
Are you achieving the results that you desire?
How is your business focus?
How can you broaden your focus for success?

Easier Done Than Said Worksheet
Thinking about internal perspective as it applies to your situation please consider the questions that follow:
Are there areas where you need to narrow your focus?
On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your desire level?
What changes do you need to make in your business strategy to achieve the results you want?