Easter Activities - Tale of Three Trees

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Easter Activities - Tale of Three
A traditional American folktale of three
trees that bore Christ.
Long ago in the far away land of Palestine, three trees stood on a
hillside overlooking a seaport town.
Each three had great hopes and dreams of what it would be when fully
grown. The first tree boasted that it’s lumber would be used to make a
great and beautiful treasure chest. The chest would be decorated with
bright golden hinges and polished to a fine and shiny finish. Inside it
would hold great riches, jewels which were the colors of the rainbow
and gold and silver coins.
The second tree claimed that it would be fashioned into a fine sailing
ship. The ship would sail the high seas and travel to far and exotic
places. The passengers would be kings and soldiers and statesmen who
would marvel at the beauty of such a wonderful ship and the smooth
and safe voyages it gave them.
The third tree declared that it would not be cut down and used by man
for any of his needs. This tree would be left standing because of its
beauty and strength. People would look at the reach of this tree’s
branches and would think of God and all His glory as they gazed
upward to the sky.