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lled should probably introduce myself, my
name is Alec and I am the editor-in-chief
Co -Editors
of The Celeb News. This was formally
Mark • Lauren • Diane
HR-Magazine, however when HR-En-
codes closed, we decided that it would be best to
Main Writers
re-open the magazine as a Newspaper/Magazine
MileyFan411 • Dan. •
type of thing. We are still experimenting with
Bionic • Momo • Carrot
some things so we hope you can hang in with us
• Meghan
until things can get worked out.
So you may be wondering, what does this
place have to offer? What out plan is that we are
Gossip Editor
trying to get you the latest and up-to-date in-
formation about celebrities. We will also provide
you with other fun things like games, different
features, and articles that you may find different
then what you would except in a magazine. The
staff and I have some great ideas of how we are
going to go about doing this type of thing, but
Wall of Shame or
we all are supportive and we do get things done.
First, I’d like for you guys meet with some of the staff that we have here. As you guys know
we have Diane and Lauren from DDC. Diane has helped a lot with this and has supported us
from the start. Lauren is a great worker and she’s helped me with ideas for the magazine, but
Dan • Caty
has helped with getting the staff in order and getting things set-up. I’d also like you guys to meet
Mark. He’s the one who I go to for help when ever we need it. He has some great ideas that I
Andrew • SnupperNusser
cannot think of myself.
Another thing that I’d like to mention is that I am excited to announce that the magazine has
been put together with a professional program called Adobe InDesign. It is a great program that
features columns, and a lot of design elements that go into making a magazine or a newspaper
Magazine Ads
that we wouldn’t think of. We do have some elements that were made in Photoshop so we do
enjoy that help.
Website Editors
Again, we hope to receive some great feedback from the readers about how this magazine is
Thao • Alec
and what the content is. We plan to have your guy’s imput on how we can improve. We are just
starting over with the magazine so we are still new at this. If we do need any new staff, we’ll let
To learn more about this
you know. If you have any questions, please visit our website.
magazine and more up-
dates, visit us at:
With Warm Regard,
Alec B.
Inside This Issue
these letters. If you have any be posted in the magazine,
suggestions on what is inside under certain cercumstances.
The Celeb News is a fan- the magazine, please contact Once feedback is posted in the
made magazine used for us so we can improve on this. magazine, changes will not
the entertainment purposes We will try to get these idea be made. Please include only
of the members of The Ce- implemented into future issues what you want your editorials
Who Owns My Heart Mu-
leb News. Some images used of the magazine.
or feedback to say before sub-
sic Video Review | pg 6
may not be our own and if This magazine is property mitting it.
your photos are featured in of The Celeb News Forum and Please remember that this
this magazine and no credit is is made by fans. In the event magazine is run by fans, for
given, let us know and we will of an error in the magazine, fans, if we need anymore staff,
get that fixed.
we will change them as soon we will let you know on the
All feedback and editori- as they are received by the website. Please do not contact
als sent into the magazine will staff.
us asking to be staff, you will
be edited for length, clarity, All negative feedback will notified.
High Stakes for Ashley
and grammar. We do not own not be tolerated, and will not
- The Staff
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