Effective Human Resource Management

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Effective Human Resource ManagementFinding & Managing Quality Seasonal Staff/VolunteersAgendaImportance of job descriptions & employee and employer evaluationsPros and Cons of hiring through friends vs hiring through employment ads and programsHow to determine quality staff How to work with lesser quality staffAgenda ctn’dTips & tools to help determine your pay scale and pay raise systemJob perks (discounts, benefits, freebies, training, bonuses) How and when?How to deal with problem staff. How to effectively let a staff member go.Objectives of Human Resources in OrganizationsProductivity Outputs (goods/services) / Inputs (people, capital, material, energy, etc.)EfficiencyProduce more with a few peopleTherefore…HRM aims to improve the production contribution of individuals while simultaneously attempting to attain other societal and individual employee objectivesHuman Resources Strategies1. Planning2. Attracting3. Placing, Developing & Evaluating4. Motivating & Rewarding Employees5. Maintaing High PerformancePlanning Human ResourcesImportance of Job DescriptionsSome Definitions« A recognized list of functions, tasks,accountabilities, working conditions, and competencies for a particular occupation or job. »- reference« It is, primarily, a statement of what functions (duties and responsibilities) the employee is expected to accomplish . »-Philip C. GrantKey parts of a Job DescriptionJob identity- position title, location, status, reporting relationshipsJob summary-job in a few sentences, telling what the job is, how it is done, and whyJob duties-A very detailed statement of tasks and activities, desired performanceoutcomes, generals means for achieving the outcomes, responsibilitiesWorking conditions-physical environment, hours, hazards, travel requirements, and so on.UsesJob specification (what the job demands)Basis for Writing Recruitment AdsHelps Identify core competencies for performance assessmentHuman resource planningTraining and developmentReward systems and pay scales