Effective Management of eDiscovery and its Solutions

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Effective Management of eDiscovery and its Solutions
Effective E-discovery management plays a key role in easing electronic Discovery burdens and cutting costs.
With an enormous increase in ESI, or electronically stored information, the importance of electronic
documentation has significantly gone up. Organizations need to have suitable resources to manage all the
processes of handling eDiscovery effectively. eDiscovery is no longer a choice but has fast become a necessity.
Effective management of eDiscovery aims at facilitating clients in addressing and successfully completing tasks
correlated with processing data for investigation and assessment. Hence all organizations need to manage
eDiscovery efficiently to save time and money. Here are a few tips that could help ensure the effective
management of e-discovery:
* Ensure affordable and flexible eDiscovery tools - All solutions pertaining to eDiscovery should
be flexible so that employee productivity is not affected. All solutions adopted should be cost effective
to ensure an enhanced ROI.
* Evaluate search capabilities - Effective eDiscovery management should be able to provide
sophisticated and rich search capabilities. It should be able to cull documents and maintain an audit
trail that increases defensibility. Using specific keywords can give better insight into how to progress
and how to make the process more effective.
* Estimate time - Some solutions take several weeks to be deployed. This could lead to a long wait
before you can begin accessing, categorizing or reporting information. Effective management should
ensure that all eDiscovery solutions are self-contained and are very easy to deploy.
* Select a practical solution - An automated and proactive eDiscovery solution not only goes a long
way toward protecting the company, it also assists in early case assessment. Where most solutions in
the market are capable of organizing and managing unstructured information or identifying and
preserving usable data, a good eDiscovery tool is one that can completely integrate into your business
processes and perform well without disrupting core business activities.
* Ensuring technical know how - Experts in legal departments, including attorneys, may not be
well-versed in the technicalities of the IT environment. It is possible that they could require technical
support to understand its systems and functions, like email servers, shared network drives, archival
repositories and systems, instant messaging systems, records management, knowledge management,
etc. Effective eDiscovery management will ensure the appropriate technical help is available to
attorneys to comprehend the world of technology and use its components advantageously.
Effective eDiscovery management is all about comprehending limitations and working within these limitations
to provide better case outcomes. With innovative and effective eDiscovery tools, taking care of loose ends,
such as building a strong team, allocating a budget, assessing the risk profile or preparing the ground for an
early case assessment will be made far easier. An efficient eDiscovery management would elicit credible and
favorable contributions to settle cases.

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