Effective Treatments For Bleeding Hemorrhoids Naturally

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Hemorrhoids are inflamed layers in the rectum and anus.
They look like varicose veins that crop up on the leg.
When irritated, hemorrhoids veins may burn itch or bleed and cause painful
bulge in the near membranes.

Hemorrhoids are normally caused by straining during a bowel movement,
childbirth, heavy lifting, constant sitting and harsh coughing.
The symptoms related with hemorrhoids can be treated with relevant
prescriptions such as hemorrhoid creams, changes in eating habits and lifestyle,
or in severe cases surgically removed.

Hemorrhoids are caused by frequent or regular force on the anal or rectal veins.
The most general cause of force normally results from damaging or stretched
sitting throughout a bowel movement.
Additional reasons that raise the threat for getting hemorrhoids consist of
diarrhea, constipation, lifting heavy objects, prolonged sitting, poor posture,
pregnancy, anal intercourse, eating a diet low in fiber and being overweight.

Liver damage and several food allergies can also add pressure to the rectal
There are various effective treatments which are used for bleeding hemorrhoids
Warm Water Bath: You must sit in a tub filled with hot water after each bowel
movement or 4 to 5 times a day.

Temporary Relief: Bag packed with ice should be applied by anyone when the
patient lies face down.
This process can be followed awaiting the pain lower down.
Intake of fibrous diet: You must eat lots of fibrous food.
Intake of fibrous food is an effective treatment for constipation.

Cleanliness: Keep your anal area dry and clean, which will keep away from
Using rubber band: Rubber band should be used at the bottom of
hemorrhoids to stop bleeding.
Another treatment for bleeding hemorrhoid is to change your diet.

When you change your diet you have to focus on raising
your fiber and water intake, and reduce the quantity of junk
food you eat.
Along with your diet, there are some natural treatments
you can use to prevent this situation and keep it from

One of these natural treatments involves applying an
ice pack to help reduce the pain, swelling and
inflammation linked with this situation.
Banana is most helpful fruit for treating hemorrhoids or
piles effectively.

Take single boiled ripe banana with one glassful of milk
about 3 to 4 times in a day.