EKG Electrodes

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Nikomed USA Inc. Now Offering NIKO-Stim Topline Of Tens adhevise electrodes
Nikomed USA Inc., the leading supplier of surgical and rehab facility supplies, is pleased to
announce they are now offering the top NIKO-Stim adhesive electrodes. Distributors around the
world turn to Nikomed USA Inc. for the most extensive line of adhesive TENS electrodes.
Before the fall and winter seasons, customers can stock up on adhesive pads today.
The healthcare industry has used electrical stimulation for decades, helping reduce any pain or
inflammation a patient may be experiencing. Electrical stimulation also improves the overall
quality and function of patients while going through rehab therapy. Adhesive electrodes are also
used in homes through the use of a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit.
With the combination of electrical stimulation and high-quality adhesive electrodes, patients may
be able to control their pain without the use of pharmacological drugs.
Adhesive electrodes are easy to use, in terms of positioning the pads around the affected area.
The most beneficial placement of adhesive electrodes is having the pads cross in a diagonal
direction. This will cause a strong current to arc throughout the affected area. Using a TENS
unit, patients can have the affected area treated with the use of two to four adhesive electrodes.
Nikomed USA Inc. offers ekg electrodes and a complete line of ekg accessories. For further
information on any of the products offered by Nikomed USA Inc., people can call 800-724-5160
to speak with a company representative.
About the Company:
Nikomed USA Inc. is known industry-wide as a leading supplier of top-quality disposable EKG
Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Electro-Surgical Grounding Pads, Cardiology Supplies,
Surgical Supplies, and related medical products represented through distributors around the
World. We provide distributors with the most complete line of ECG monitoring and diagnostic
electrodes, holter and stress kits, paper, lead wires and prep razors.
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