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Electric Golf Carts For Sale - Where To Find Them

Finding electric golf carts for sale is easier these days. You have the option of shopping at a
local store or distributor, or you can check out the wide range of products being sold by major
manufacturers online. Golf carts are small vehicles used for carrying golfers around the golf
course. At times, these carts are also used on desert trails.

The very first golf carts were actually electric powered. Although gasoline powered carts are
widely available today, you can still find electric golf carts for sale. The mass production of
electric golf carts were mainly for private use but with the need for safer, less noisy, and
beneficial vehicle, electric golf carts are greatly in demand these days. In fact, you can find
car-like bodies that can be used regardless of weather conditions. These cars are called NEVs
or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

Today's golf cars come in different formats. Mostly are 4ft wide and 8ft long. The weight of
these small cars can range from 900 to 1,000 pounds. Four-stroke engines are usually used to
move these vehicles. If you're interested to purchase golf carts, you may need to spend
around $3,000 to $15,000.

Here are some buying tips you can follow before buying your electric golf cart:
When buying golf carts, you must have enough storage space. If you have a garage,
the space must accommodate both your car and the golf cart.
Ask the golf course manager about weight limits. Most golf courses set weight limits,
and you have to make sure that the golf cart you buy does not exceed the allowed
Take note that manufacturers usually make a universal key for all their golf carts. If
safety and security is a great concern in your area, it is a good idea to customize the
key for your vehicle. It is also better to keep the golf cart inside a garage or any other
storage area that is secured.
With gas prices increasing every year, the electric golf carts for sale are the best
option. Electric carts are also cheaper than gasoline powered models. However, you
have to make sure that you're able to recharge it regularly.
Never use up all the stored battery. Drained batteries can cause permanent damage.
Make sure that you plug the cart every night especially if you use it often.

Golf carts are like automobiles. You have to be familiar with the maintenance and
construction. With proper care and maintenance, the carts can last for many years.
There are many different types of golf carts you can choose from:

Vintage golf carts are rarely seen on the course today. This type of golf carts are either
restored or maintained by the owner for longer time. Likewise, such golf cart is one of the
luxurious items that golfers should have but it is expensive to build or buy. If you are
planning to restore a vintage cart you will need to buy parts but it requires thorough research
in order to find the best parts that suit to the cart that you desire.

Vintage golf carts can be built or restored from scratch by using vintage parts. It is important
to be knowledgeable when buying parts so that you can find the best one. Generally, it is
expensive to buy or restore a vintage cart because the parts are usually pricey. As you would
want to build a vintage cart, it means that the parts are all heavy-duty. Likewise, owning
vintage golf carts is very rewarding. You can build it the way you want it yet the function is
just the same with the regular golf cart. The advantage is that the appearance will attract the
attention of people seeing your vintage golf cart.

Yamaha golf carts are the best golf carts on the market today. Currently Yhamaa has two
factories that manufacture these yamaha golf carts. One is located in Atlanta and the other is
in Japan (Kakegawa factory). The product line gets a higher market share in Japan at around
57%. In the US, E-Z-GO and Club Car are on the top ranks when it comes to market share,
followed by Yamaha.

The very first model of the Yamaha golf carts had a gas-powered engine. It was produced in
1979 and was called G-1. The G-1 was the very first model under the G-series. A new
platform followed which was called `The Drive'. Whether you're an owner of a golf course
and clubhouse or a private golfer, you will find the perfect golf carts under Yamaha's product
line. The definitive performance and practical design of yamaha golf carts has proven the
company's long term success. Yamaha is not only recognized for its watercrafts and
motorcycles but also for winning golf carts. The Drive model is not only for golf course use
but also for nearby engagements. You can use it for taking your family to the park, to run
errands at the store, or simply going around the neighborhood. If you're looking for a
luxurious yet practical vehicle, the yamaha golf cart is the answer.

Tomberlin golf carts are primarily designed to be used in golf courses. But these carts also
found its use in many other surprising places. In golf courses, they are being used to transport
players as well as their heavy equipment from one hole to the other and in taking them to
rounds in the entire course. Most of these players usually cannot afford to have their own
caddies, and the tomberlin golf carts serve as their transportation in carrying their clubs
without wasting much of their needed energy for the game. This is also very helpful for
elderly or disabled gold aficionados as they no longer need to struggle and walk around just
to play their favorite game.

Tomberlin golf carts have BFS battery watering system making it very effective that can
sustain its operation for a longer period. It can run at 48 voltages and can traverse 30 or more
miles. For safety they use four wheel braking system and most products come with 3 point
seat breaks. Their regenerative braking also uses roll away protection. It also employs 500-
amp controller. Their products also have rear storage with removable covers. The lighting

system comes in full package which include, heal lights, tail lights, turn signal and high
mounted stop lamp.

Among the best features of the tomberlin golf carts is its enclosure. The latter comes with the
best and the highest quality of sunbrella fabrics. It also has a good tracking system mounted
on the roof, a windshield and wind deflector. This perfectly fits especially during cold
weather and may also be remove during the scorching heat of the summer weather.
Tomberlin golf carts are available in different colors.

Fairplay golf carts are primarily designed to make your golf games more enjoyable and
easier. These carts take away the weight from the players back and also save them some time
when going from one tee to another tee and throughout the course. There are numerous
physical benefits in the use of fairplay golf carts which will help the players get the most
scores. This can also help future injuries that may be incurred caused by strenuous walking
which hampers any future games.

Fairplay golf carts are among the leading brands in the market today. They offer the highest
quality of features that every golf aficionado would want. Most of their items come with HP
advanced DC motor at 48 voltages. For maximum efficiency of the battery, they also
equipped their products with voltage reducer. For safety, it has regenerative braking and
speed controller that can be programmed. They also offer a full lighting package which has
turn signals and well sounding horns. Fairplay carts are also made with burlwood and
stainless steel supports and a basket. Their carts usually come in 6 body and 2 seat colors that
you can choose from.

Club car golf carts are very popular today. The company is known as the largest
manufacturer of zero-emissions, small wheel electric vehicles. If you're an avid player of
golf, you can benefit greatly from using electric golf carts. When it comes to luxurious, sleek,
and top performance, you can count on Club Car to provide you with the perfect vehicle.
The main models of golf carts under the line of Club Car are the following:
1. Precedent i2L
2. Precedent i2
3. DS Player
Club Car also offers refreshment and utility vehicles which are used usually maintained on
the golf courses. Whether you're a private owner or an operator of a golf course, Club Car
can provide you with all your needs.

As youcan see there are many golf carts you can choose from, our advice is to shop around
and do your own reasearch before you buy any golf carts.
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