Elite Heli Squad

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Elite Heli Squad
Elite Heli Squad The Product Review:The fight in `Ronnaq Al Erwinabia' is removing heavier
as well as some-more critical afterwards ever. Continous bombings as well as aerial attacks
have been destroying a changed cities as well as scaring a citizens. This has to finish right now!
Our ministery has motionless to open their final treasure-box as well as sinecure a most
appropriate helicopter-pilot there is in a world: You!
With possibly a MD-500 or an Apache fight helicopter you will fly from a single city to an
additional as well as transparent a evil. The some-more threats you fire down, a some-more
points your score. But if you destroy as well as city-structures have been damaged.. scorepoints
will be deducted.
Survive as prolonged as illusive as well as urge a cities as great as possible. Are you
unequivocally a most appropriate commander there is?
Game Features:
Pilot a MD-500 or a Apache helicopters
Simple moody controls to have fight some-more fun
Fun to fool around all day
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