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Email Jeet Are poor email open rates bleeding
your business dry?
Email Jeet is your PC based Desktop autoresponder software that has all the features
you can expect from an autoresponder, including List Management, Optin Forms,
Unsubscribes and Mail Sequencing.
Email Jeet Overview
Homepage: Email Jeet 2 Official Site
Product Name: Email Jeet
Type of Product: Desktop Based Software
Authors: Cyril
Target niche: Email Marketing, Email Jeet 2 is the most powerful
desktop mail automation tool ever created. There’s nothing close or in
comparison anywhere.
Official Price: $47
Special Offer: Lite Versions that Started At $17 Here!
Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:
o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1
o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2
o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3
o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4
o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5
What is Email Jeet?
If you are using autoresponders to send mails, there is a strong chance a lot of
your mail never reaches the recipient.
That's because most of the autoresponders are paying too little attention to mail
delivery, because they can get away with it.
Because they have your list, and they know you can't take it anywhere else easily.
That's why they sometimes slack off with delivery.
It's a better idea to use a mail delivery specialist - a SMTP company to deliver your
email. They have only one job, send emails and they do a better job of it.
Use this software to mail using SMTP services
This is Email Jeet, your captive desktop autotresponder. Email Jeet can run on your
computer or even a VPS, and give you all the autoresponder capabilities right at home.
You have all your favorite autoresponder features like
List management
Mail multiple lists
Plus some extras. Only with Email Jeet you can
Mail partial lists
Throttle email sending speed
Send emails without any third party SMTP using Email Jeet's in-built SMTP
Oh yes, and it lets you import lists, any list, without a hassle. Just click import and
you can mail right away.
Email Jeet is selling right now for a one-time fee but may soon go up in price, or even go
for a recurring. Don't miss this great problem solver. It just might be the thing you need
to fix your email hassles.
Introducing Email Jeet
Email Jeet is your PC based Desktop autoresponder software that has all the features
you can expect from an autoresponder, including:
Email Jeet connects to any SMTP service including:
You can send your emails direct from your computer or a VPS (if you’re a big sender)
without bowing to the whims and fancies of autoresponders, and with TOTAL
CONTROL over your list and emailing.