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Long-Term Care
Connecting Long-Term Environments to the Power of
Information Immediacy
Nurse call systems are front-line tools for delivering the best patient care in hospitals and long-
term care facilities today. As the primary means of communication between patients and nursing
staff, nurse call systems have the power to enhance patient comfort and well-being while making
it easier for staff to closely monitor patients.
Since nursing is an increasingly mobile profession, many of the benefits of a nurse call system
can be lost in a maze of missed calls and unclear requests. By enabling direct, two-way
communication between the patient's bedside nurse call station and the nurse's wireless device,
Connexall(R) ensures that your facility is getting the full benefit of your existing systems. Since
nurses can speak directly to patient needs, prioritize tasks, and satisfy requests faster and more
As more healthcare facilities adopt new tools to improve care, staff is expected to operate
multiple diagnostic systems, communication devices, alarm systems and manage patient
requests. Slow connections, multiple brands of phones, and noise make it harder than ever for
staff to manage their workload. Connexall(R) integrates multiple tools and technology, resulting
in immediate patient-to-staff communications, complete nurse mobility, and a quieter healing
environment for patients. As patient calls get answered - by the right person, at the right time -
both quality of care and patient satisfaction improve significantly.Saving you time and money,
Connexall(R) makes it easy to assign devices to rooms or beds. Manage staff schedules/shifts
with the click of a button, append patient information along with related nurse call activity, and
generate meaningful reports without whiteboards or paper.
Calls coming from a patient can be relayed directly to the nurse's wireless phone or pager in real
time. In addition, Connexall(R) can be integrated to older, pager-based legacy nurse call systems,
eliminating overhead noise and creating a quieter, stress-free healing environment. By
integrating to a nearly-infinite number of systems and devices, Connexall(R) lets you extend the
life of your current systems and optimize the performance of all your devices.
Included in the core of Connexall(R) is robust management reporting capability, providing
management teams with data relevant to their specific department, and allowing for precise fine

tuning of workflow processes. Managers can leverage this tool to improve overall efficiency and
manage workload.
Additional Integration
Easily integrate new devices and monitoring software, or adapt new tools and procedures in your
facility. Connexall integrates with virtually any business system including: wireless phone
systems, HL7, paging controllers, patient monitoring, telemetry, security systems, fire alarms,
access control, PBX, network equipment, HVAC, and many more. At one central location, staff
can manage and monitor events from different business systems.
To learn more, please download the Connexall(R) Long-Term Care brochure:
Connexall Long Term Care brochure
Connecting the dots in Hospitality
For premium hospitality environments in which guest experience is paramount, Connexall(R)
provides hotels, casinos, resorts and other properties with integrated communications that enable
staff to effectively response to guest needs, enhance security, reduce costs and leverage
investments in current systems.
Is your organization looking for the edge in providing exceptional guest service? Would you like
to enhance performance with the tools and infrastructure you already have? Connexall(R)
integrates your existing Property Management System (PMS) and communications devices to
enhance your existing workflows and procedures. Specifically designed to integrate with third
party proprietary and open systems for the purposes of collecting near-time event data, it creates
intelligent, closed loop workflow processes based on your unique requirements.
Imagine an easy, seamless way to streamline the workflow and communication for all the
software and tools you use. Connexall(R) integrates directly to your existing PMS, including
industry leaders like SAI, Hotel Expert, Micros - Fidelio, Hot SOS/Espresso, and Guestware.
With Connexall(R) you will improve response times to guests' requests, ensure no tasks/requests
get missed, improve workflow and communication processes, and much more.
To learn more, please download the Connexall(R) Hospitality brochure:
Connexall(R) Hospitality brochure

Connexall(R) increases sales by making it easy for shoppers to get the information they need from
store staff to facilitate their buying decision. Affordable, easy to install and shopper-friendly,
Connexall(R) includes reporting to help you track success.
For retail environments in which Information Immediacy can significantly increase customer
satisfaction and reduce abandoned purchases, Connexall(R) delivers integrated communications
that optimizes workflow and leverages investment in current communication systems.
Instantly creating a two-way connection between customers and sales associates, Connexall(R)'s
Customer Help Button ensures that customers get immediate information on products and
services. By simply pushing a button and talking directly with a store associate, customers enjoy
instant service and personal attention.
Connexall(R) expedites service delivery by enhancing your existing wireless communication
devices, allowing staff to remain mobile, yet instantly reachable, while restricting the use of your
overhead paging system to announcements that will drive traffic and generate additional revenue.
To learn more, please download the Connexall(R) Retail brochure:
Connexall(R) Retail brochure
Connexall helps secure property, reduce loss, speed first response, escalate issues and protect
lives by getting critical immediate information to the right people who can take immediate
Multi-building campus environments are often a security and safety challenge. Security and
emergency staff on campuses around the world use Connexall to deliver immediate information
to first responders, emergency services, students and employees no matter where they are on
Whether you are a two-site hospital, a 40 building, 400 acre university campus, or a state or
provincial government, Connexall Campus can enhance safety, security, and communication
where you need it most.Because it works with a variety of communication devices, including
wireless phones, landlines, email, and scrolling marquees, you can reach just about anyone,
anywhere when you need to.
Imagine a secure, timely, and completely integrated solution that gives you the power to relay
information to the right people, at the right time. With Connexall Campus, you can experience
the true power of unlimited connectivity - by using many of the tools you already own!
Leverage existing infrastructure in Emergency Management departments and Response teams,
enhancing existing emergency procedures, and strategically notifying large groups of individuals
in the event of a natural disaster, criminal activity, biohazard, or weather conditions.