Emerging Market Turkey & Coupon Codes 2013

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Emerging Market Turkey & Coupon Codes
The emerging market Turkey is growing fast and the infographic have some
insights about coupon codes in 2013 in Turkey. The Turkish ecommerce had a
volume of $17bn in 2012, they representing a 41% CAGR. Turkey has 36M
internet users. Europes 6th biggest economy by GDP. 60% credit card
penetration. The European average is lower than 50%. 7th largest in numbers of
Facebook users. 3rd highest engagement in Europe measured in hours online
after UK and Netherland. Turkey is no more the hidden champion. After this
development the couponing market is growing fast. With this infographic we
will show you some insights about the strategic ways of using coupon codes and
show some infos how can benefit online companies especially the ecommerce
player which need more drive for your business. Understanding the business to
track, retarget and measure of each coupon codes is bringing the success for
your company. And the deferred view to daily deal sites like groupon and
couponing platforms. Showing how often do they use daily deals vs. Coupon
codes. Finally Turkey is a huge market. Target for online shopping via cards in
2023 exceeds 250bn EURO and all the numbers about Turkish ecommerce
market is keep growing. It is estimated that card payments will reach to 15bn
EUROs this year in ecommerce.
Via: www.alkuponu.com

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