Emetophobia! Are You Sick Of Living Your Life Like This?

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Emetophobia! Are You Sick Of Living Your Life Like This?

If you are reading this and you don't know what emetophobia is then in its simplest term it is a
true phobia not a strong dislike or something you prefer to avoid but a true phobia of either
vomiting one's self or being in close proximity to a person who is vomiting.

That is emetophobia in its simplest form, but for a person living their life with emetophobia it is far
from that simple.

Can you imagine living your life making sure you are never likely to vomit or near a person who
vomits? Some emetophobics do a really good job of disguising their phobia and some allow it to
rule their lives in very obvious ways. I have met people with this phobia of vomit who have decided
never to have children. I have met those who have had kids but that are so incredibly obsessed
with dirt, germs and contamination that it effects their kids lives as well.

The main reason for an emetophobic seeking help here at Selby Hypnotherapy is that they are
sick and tired of living their lives where the avoidance of illness and vomit is always at the top of
their priority. If you are such a person I know that you avoid people who may be ill, social events
that you cannot control, kids, hospitals, dentists, takeaway food and how you make sure
everything is perfectly cooked and nothing in your house is near its sell by date.

The first thing to realise is that this phobia started as a simple thinking error when you were a
child, you as a small child put two and two together and made five. The second thing to
understand is that you have continued to think something as an adult that made sense as a child
but has really got no place in your adult life.

Here at Selby Hypnotherapy I take a twofold approach to the problem and the order in which we
do this is unique to each client. But in its simplest form we work together to find where in childhood
this thinking error began. Then secondly I teach you a different way to think and how your old
survival mechanism was simply misguided and no longer serves a purpose.

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