Emulex 8GB HBA Product Evaluation

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Emulex HBA product

Emulex provides network convergence solution that
connect server, storage of the network within the data
center. It includes the fibre channel host bus adapter,
converged network adapter and embedded storage
switches. Products sold by OEM partners like Cisco,
Dell, Hitachi data system, HP, IBM etc. It's products are
Host Bus Adapter, Network Adapter, Control drivers,
iSCSI adapter,

Emulex is situated Costa mesa california, it is founded
in the 1979 and now employs over 900 people in the
worldwide. We evaluate some points of fibre channel
host bus adapter with other HBA's. We includes some
points like customer availability, model varity, operation
environment support, installation support, multi pathing
support, HBA management and support.

Evaluation summary
Our general finding that HBA product family is more
rich of features and wider breadth of support for server
hardware, operating syatem and path management.
Overall the installation process HBA is very much easier
for emulex. This management software is very much
efficient in the use if large environment. Current emulex
product family is mature, robust and well suited for
large to small fibre channel.

Customer Availability
A common consideration is the availability to the
customer. Customer can obtain through varity of sales
channel. It is bundle with either server vendor or
storage vendor. It is also widely available in many retail

Model variety
Server that use that use fibre channel HBA, have a
variety of bus types. These are PCI, PCI-X 1.0, PCI-X
2.0, PCI Express and Sbus. In the factor required
tower and rack server the blade server often have
their own special factor that requires some
specialized HBA. It offer wide variety of bus type.
HBA has two model 410 and 420 these work with a
PCI express x4 or x8. The new emulex light pulse
HBA support 4Gbps.

Operating environment

Fiber channel HBA are deployed in a number of
operating environment and a wide section of certified
solution are required. It requires drivers for the
operating system and it support software application
graphical user interface (GUI) and command line

Multipathing Support
Multipathing is arranged in many fibre channel storage
environment in order to give more than between server and
storage. It allows failover in the event by balancing across multiple
path. HBA is a part of comlete multipathing solution and has a
certified to work in various multipahing system. Like micrisoft
MIPO is certified for various HBA. It requires additional technology
for to complete multipathing solution. Today it is certified to work
in all major multipathing solutions like storage and file system.

Installation of HBA
Emulex provides a single package Autopilot Installer
that install HBA driver and management software. User
can install in just a two minutes and it does not required
reboots. Administrator in a large environment with
many server emulex approach is simpler and easier.

HBA management
Clicking on the left side of manu
structure. Each product shows
several tab function with daily
and periodic functions. It allow
firmware update to anywhere. In
the visible fabric it can use that
firmware. For the firmware update
no reboots is required. Event log
is uaeful in managing of large
environment. HBA's are
performed through backup,
restore. Firmware BIOS and
Fcode can be updated for one or
more adapters. There is no
reboots. No event log entries are

HBA performance graph
Vendor makes various
performance claims. A series
of iometer test ware spanning
wide renge of block size
specially for reading and
writing. HP server is
connected to texas memory
system through 4100 fibre
channel switch. Here we
include the MBPS graph.