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God Always Present.
The Alpha before the beginning, the Omega after the end.
Great are the Honor and the Glory and the Force and the Power of our Lord Jesus Christ, that He is
the lamb slaughtered from the beginning of the world, the God
incarnated, the only hope and the only way for the salvation of the
human race.
Jesus Christ the Unique Son of God, the lamb of the Lord who is
drawing the sins of the world, the One who comes back in full
Glory of All Mighty Creator.
Let the great nation of Hellenes /Greeks be blessed and happy while
satisfying God, for being undefeatable and eternal in Christ.
I Enawch, man in justice, the secretary of God, the in Alpha and
in Omega, the guard of honor of the creation of God, the
porter of the Logos En Awe of Christ and of the Aate of God.
Whoever has an ear, let him strain it: Whoever has not the Son, he has not the Father either.
Jesus says to him: I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father if not through
me. (John 14:6)
Holy Saint John conceived Apokalypsis and wrote it in hellenic /greek while his being in the island
of Patmos of Hellas /Greece, during the historical period of the Roman empire, when Hellas was the
mother of all existing culture, since also Latins were Hellenes from Euboea and latin was of course
a provincial dialect of hellenic language.
John and the other Apostles, even Jesus Christ himself, although they were considered Jews they all
knew and spoke hellenic and they left all their divine New Testimony in hellenic, according to
God's decision.
I say to you that hellenic language was given by God to people in order that they glorify Him and be
aware of His Wisdom; the New Testimony of God, the Logos of Jesus Christ, is a Hellenic Codex
and a Codex of God; that is why I say to all of you:
Whoever has an ear, let him strain it: No one can realize Wealth, Force and Power of All Greatest
God, if not through His Codex, i.e. codex of Love of Jesus Christ and codex of Wisdom through
hellenic language.
Whoever studies the Scripts not in Faith in Jesus Christ and Love of God he shall nothing
understand beyond whatever is obvious to everybody; whoever studies Logos in other, barbaric,
language in all likelihood he shall be led to a filthy belief; that is why I say on the one hand to
barbarians to learn hellenic now, on the other hand to those who translate the Scripts into barbaric to

give priority, as I do, in diminishing the possibility of misunderstanding and not to the exact
wording; whoever does not believe in Christ he cannot translate the Holy Scripts correctly.
According to the hellenic codex it is fully apparent that the time of the Prophecy of Apokalypsis of
Jesus Christ is now; Holy Saint John inserted in my mind His Prophecy, in order to make It clear to
you, and this is why I interpret its twelfth chapter in the following:
1 A great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, having the moon under her feet
and on her head a wreath of twelve stars,
Initially it was interpreted by the Catholics of Rome that it was referring to Virgin Mary, so two
subsequent events followed: first, artists of Renaissance presented Virgin Mary having a wreath of
twelve stars on her head, and second, Arsene Heitz being inspired by the presentation of Virgin
Mary in the church of Rue-du-Bac in Paris, he designed the European flag of today.
Various interpretations as for the woman, that she is either the church of Christ or the people of
Israel that gave birth to Christ etc, none of them presents adequacy in explaining the rest in the
Holy Saint John knew Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ in person and
He would not have hidden a meeting with them; furthermore I say
it is nonsense to think that He might have had visions of events of
his own past.
I say to you that the woman who is dressed in sun is Hellas, for the
following reasons:
All theories about envisioning and dreaming, prophetic or not,
they all maintain that the possibility of having a vision with a
specific subject or condition is in proportion to the significance
or the attention and value we attribute to that subject. In the
case of John, Hellas was of utmost importance and He was really interested in His texts to be
interpreted correctly when the time comes, through Her lingual codex.
Hellas has a long and intense sunlight, "this is the real sun" as all her visitors maintain.
Hellas has language, history and culture of thousands of years and of extremely importance and
these give Her life and glamour even now while She is presented to be at a historical nadir.
Hellas taught through Her lingual codex and through Her martyrs the Light and the Warmness
of the Divine Love of Jesus Christ, that lightened and warmed up all the World like a Sun.
Hellas in the hellenic language is feminine and as a word etymologically means (Hel-Las=)
Sun-rock, Sun-land, meaning that She is "dressed in the Sun" even by definition, i.e. from
the very beginning, from Her name; and we should also bear in mind that "Visiting the names is
a principle of wisdom" (Socrates, Plato's Kratylos)

Moon under her feet: The Turkish crescent (which of course at that time did not exist, neither as a
religion nor as a nation); under her feet, because Hellas survived and resurrected after four centuries
of Turkish tyranny during which Turks did whatever possible to extinguish everything hellenic and
And on her head a wreath of twelve stars: one more sign given in the prophecy to recognize Hellas
of nowadays: European flag. Let's notice at this point that European Union, after the confession of
the designer of the flag that he was inspired by a Christian
symbol, rushes into changing the flag. So it is obvious that
this is the exact moment to understand this specific
prophecy and not any time later
Let's also pay attention to the word "wreath" that in all
translations to barbaric is referred as "crown", "couronne",
as they also do with the "crown of thorns". The wreath in
Hellas was an indication of victory, joy, glory, celebration but the first Christian wreath was of
humiliation and pain. John does not clarify that, so He really prophesizes correctly the present
situation, where it is unclear if the European Union brings on the head of Hellas either glory or
humiliation and pain.
2 She was pregnant and crying out in pain and she
was labouring to give birth.
The woman was pregnant about to give birth and she
was crying out in pain.
3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an
enormous red/fire dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven diadems on his heads.
A red dragon, flame-coloured and big, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns diadems.
Diadems mean that the heads have a leader's significance, they are decision making centres
(important nations or great organisations), while the ten horns mean ten
main categories of means, ways and promoting centres in order to
achieve his purposes.
We all know who the first was and the second and the third all-flamed
red and self-consecutive dragon that tried and still tries to kill Hellas and her children.
And I came to announce to them the restitution of the Justice of God.

4 His tail drugs a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them down to the earth; and the dragon
stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the
moment it was born.
The tail of the dragon implies
time order, meaning that it is
near the end, the time of the
prophecy, i.e. now; so he now
drugs a lot of stars out of the
sky and he flings them down
to the earth: he drugs them,
they do not follow him
voluntarily but he drugs them
either lying to them or he
violently forces a lot of stars,
therefore it is also given as a
sign for the interpretation of
the prophecy, the flag of the
United States of America. And the dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth
in order to eat her newborn child.
5 And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is going to rule all nations with an iron rod; and
her child was snatched up towards God and towards His throne.
Hellas has born a lot of children around the earth through the centuries; so this is a male child, who
is going to rule all nations with an iron stick; and Hellas has born this male child in Christ and so he
was snatched up in Christ.
And he is male, because he had always the inclination and he has presented a great virtue in the
army; this son of Hellas is destined to lead all nations in iron discipline; you shall shortly know who
is this son, God posing and me posed.
6 And the woman fled into the desert where she has a place prepared by God, where she might be
nourished for one thousand two hundred sixty days.
Amen I say to you that precise time only Creator God knows, that is why He alone defines the
duration and the moment.

About that day or time no one knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father.
(Mark 13:32)
Hellas is found in desert and lives during the last six centuries, and she alone survives in full desert
in existence and in spirit, because she is cheated by friends and brothers and relatives and
benefitted, most of whom pretend to be friends of Hellenes or Hellenes but
they are really enemies and Anthellenes; and the governors, with the
exception of Kapodistrias, they all have served the red-flamed dragon, the
so-called Diabolos or Satan, who was from the beginning all red and now
he drugs the one third of the stars of the heaven.
Such are the governors of Hellas, that they work according to the orders of
the dragon for the debasement of the Faith in Christ, for the degradation of
the History and the Culture of Hellas, for the destruction of the hellenic
education and the wisdom of centuries, for the continuous devaluation of
Hellas and the consequent validation and increase in aping and barbarism and of Turkey; that these
officials, traitors in payrolls, destroy continuously Hellas financially, morally and spiritually in
order to harm the Divine Love and Wisdom and to benefit the antichrist and misanthrope Satan.
Acting this way they prevent Hellas of producing anything; they counterfeit and dismantle
everything nice, good or fertile, productive, in order that Hellas should never be able to come back
to her historical rank and should never meet her prophesized role; just like poisonous serpents and
corpse-eating parasites they are after the devastation and disappearance of everything nice and
originally hellenic, them thinking exactly as their all-fool father, that they may defeat God.
And I have come to announce to them that only a few and painful are the days of all these cretins;
amen I say to you that their father although he is thought to be artful, he is just a super idiot, since
he thinks that he may win over God, and his followers although they have his stupidity in double,
they are not more idiot than him; this can be explained by algebra as follows, that twice the zero
does not equal to more than zero; because their super stupid father is identical to the absolute zero.
According to God's will, deserted Hellas has been survived in her desert in spite of the many and
consecutive occupations by her antichrist enemies, invaders and pseudo-allies.
Hellenes! Whoever has an ear, let him strain it:
As long as you have the light, believe in the light, so that you become Sons of the light. (John
Big are the responsibilities of the Russian State systematically prostituting with the antichrist,
contradicting to God, and for this reason once a month children of theirs are mourned.

7 And war was made in the heaven; Michael and his angels made war against the dragon, and the
dragon and his angels fought back, 8 and he did not prevail, neither has a place been found for him
in the sky yet.
Amen I say to you that war in the sky was made and dragon with his co-serpents was defeated, for
Appreciation of Archangel Michael and of his angels and for the Glory of All Greatest Creator.
The president of the United States Reagan croaking continually and boastfully advertised during the
80's the battle for space supremacy known as "star war", and that was the reason that they were
shortly guided to the "castration wall'; because they justly deserved that.
9And the dragon was hurled down, the ancient big serpent called Devil and Satan, the deceiver of
the whole world, he was hurled to the earth, and his angels were cast off with him.
Thanking Archangel and his regiments that they
defeated Satan and cast him off out of the sky and
hurled him down to the earth.
So now he and his blockheaded followers have been
landed and imprisoned.
Whoever has an ear, let him strain it: Scientist and
atheist, it is incompatible; according to Pythagoras
"atheism is death of logic", similarly all Hellenes
philosophers maintained; that only in God there is the
Wisdom and the knowledge, outside God only error; this is the reason I say to you that scientists
without God they are pseudo-scientists, i.e. sub-scientists.
Three of the main space accidents were of the flights of "Apollo 13", of "Challenger" and of
"Columbia"; according to the calculations of the sub-scientists, the possibilities of them to happen
was for each one about one over billion, meaning for all the three together, one over octillion; and I
ask you blockheaded super-sub-scientists:
Apollo 13? what did you mean by that? that Apollo was the 13th in rank on Olympus? that it
was referring to the 13th Apostle (missioner)?
Challenger? the one who challenges? what exactly? whom did you challenge? I surely challenge
you to confess, do you dare?
Columbia? the egg of Columbus? fully unclear and you all well knew that you ought to be
absolutely clear, didn't you?
The super-sub-scientific company NASA initially postponed the rocket launches for several years
and then they cancelled them for good; and hey, I ask you stupidest sub-scientists:
What for did you cancel the rocket launches from the launching centres of the United States?

What is the reason of your failure to put your rockets in orbit most of the times?
Why did you prefer to pay a ticket to the Russians in Baykanur /Kazakhstan in order to send
your astronauts to the space station?
Would you dare an answer? Not to me knowing, but to the people of United States, who you feed
with big lies all the time and on all the issues.
Amen I tell you that the private corporations of yours
that would dare send missions to space shall not have a
better luck; because this is not a matter of the nominal
property of the rockets and the satellites, but of the real
one; because in reality they intend to serve antichrist
and his purposes, and I think you should better know
all of you that the war in the heaven has been
10 and then I heard a loud voice in the heaven saying: "Now have been done the salvation and the
force and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ, for the accuser of our brothers
has been hurled down, the one who accuses them before our God day and night.
Glory to You Lord, that Yours are the Kingdom and the Force and the Glory in the centuries.
11 and they defeated him for the blood of the Lamb and for the Logos of their testimony, and they
did not love their souls until death. 12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them;
Meritorious is the Lamb the slaughtered from the beginning of the world, that this alone with his
blood has saved the world from the incurable passions; meritorious are the martyrs of the lamb for
they did not love their lives so much as to escape from death; meritorious all the saints are for they
are going to receive God into themselves.
(12)... but woe to the earth and the sea, that the devil has gone down to you filled up with great
wrath, because he knows he has but a short time. 13 And when the dragon saw that he was hurled
down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who had given birth to the male child.
Woe to the planet for the devil puts it under destruction; woe to the people for Satan makes haste to
corrupt and turn them to pithecanthropus and robots; woe to the atheists for they become a prey
from their foolishness; woe to the non-faithful in Christ for only through the Son the way of
salvation; woe to the barbarians for they do not know the codex of understanding God.
Woe to the woman for the devil persecutes her again having big anger; because he knows that he
has no more time available.

14 And the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle, in order to fly to the desert at her
place, and be nourished there for a time and times and half a time
from the face of the serpent.
The eagle of Palaiologos in Faith of the Christ of God survived
through daughter Zoe, still now and forever protects Hellas and
gives her food in her desert; also keeps her in safe distance from
the serpent, who despite his continuous efforts he was not and he is
never going to be able of devouring her; and Old Logos shall
become New and shall prevail in the Century
15 And the serpent spewed water out of his mouth after the woman like a river, to cause her being
carried away by the stream.
And the serpent tried to drown the woman as if in river, vomiting against her waters from his
mouth; waters concerning the devil have been interpreted by Angels of God in another clause in the
Apokalypsis of Christ of John: (17:15) And he says to me; the waters you saw, where the prostitute
is seated, peoples and mobs and nations and languages are
So the serpent has been trying to drown Hellas in rivers of scientific lies; of antichrist corruption; of
traitors and impostor governors; of anti-theological hysteria; of usurious loans; of civil wars; of
extended arsons; of destruction of the education, the language, the history and the culture; of
obligatory immigration of Hellenes abroad; and of pseudo-hospitable imprisonment in Hellas of
millions of illegal immigrants of other race and religion, so that she looses her financial and
national independence as well as her ethnological and religion homogeneousness, i.e. the elements
constituting her "protected desert".
16 and the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon
had spewed out of his mouth.
The earth constantly opens its mouth and presents hidden secrets, either they refer to natural wealth
and precious resources, or to the Hellenic History and eternal glory. Oil and natural gas reserves in
the hellenic seas are certified as financially exploitable; Mycenaean pottery is discovered in South
America; Brazilians bear ancient hellenic names that do not exist in Hellas or in Portugal; some
people in Chile and Peru and other locations declare their pride of their Hellenic origin; the statues
of the so-called Easter Isles have meanders and swastikas on them, ancient hellenic symbols; it is
announced by U.S. researchers that the temple of the now called Stonehenge used to be an archaic
temple of Apollo; a German professor certifies that the languages of North Oceania are of hellenic
origin; new findings and certifications add to the glory and the resurrection of Hellas all the time.

17 and the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her
sperm, who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus.
The dragon got mad because he was not able to drown the woman and frustrated make wars against
nations of her sperm; for the sperm of Hellas, wisdom and
love, the sperm of God it is.
Many a nation from the sperm of Hellas have been created,
Alexander the Great spread the sperm of Hellas around the
world; in this way culture and wisdom of Hellas was also
spread towards Mesopotamia, that is, the countries now
called Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran; the dragon makes war against
them; but do these nations keep the commandments of God? do they have the testimony of Jesus?
I say to you: Yes! Because they are poorest and uneducated and pillaged and oppressed and scoffed
and murdered by the followers of the antichrist serpent; despite they believe in God, despite their
similarities to a slaughtered lamb, despite they are being
crucified every day, they have been kept in the darkness
through guns and drugs and fanaticism and corrupted
governors, in order to be led all the way to the worse.
I am the light of the world; whoever follows me shall not
walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. (John 8:12)
Priceless ancient hellenic treasures in the museum of
Baghdad were intentionally let to loot, in full knowledge of the invaders; because permanent
enemies of them are Hellas and the Culture and the Elevation of the Man. Day and night new
casualties occur among civilians.
Therefore I say to you that the dragon attacking the woman is whoever hurts Hellas, and I am going
to tell you details about the recent history at a next time; the heads of the dragon are states and
countries and now these are called Turkey, England (United Kingdom), Germany, United States (of
America); some other countries less, at a different grade each one, thus the justice shall be given in
And I announce to you now Fair Decisions of our Lord generally for the climate, as a start:
In the country of the United States the weather shall be acclaimed as their enemy number one; the
scourge of God non-stop and increasing till Armageddon; day and night disasters of any kind and of
all nature shall harass, harm and kill followers of Satan; All good shall not produce good, but evil;
sun shall not warm, but burn; rain shall not water, but drown; wind shall not refresh, but destroy;

sea shall give no good, but sink; earthquakes, animals and schizophrenia of people during the
intervals. Day and night new casualties among civilians and fighters shall occur.
And everything having been put in the sky by them shall vanish soon.
In the countries of Germany and England a lot of water in any form, as thick moisture or steam or
rain or snow or hail or flood, so that everything goes rotten; and become difficult for the people to
live; earthquakes, animals and schizophrenia of people during the intervals.
Against the Turks, I declare the beginning of the war on all the
territories ruled and occupied by them, where an increasingly
tensed and endless scarcity of water is now beginning; creatures
logical and non-logical shall be led to schizophrenia; the waters
but sea shall be polluted soon; the only water granted for them
shall be the hail mixed with fire and blood.
I say to Hellenes to give no water to Turks but for the price of
gold; but there are some Islamized who consider themselves
Turks, but they were Hellenes, so I say to them to be baptized
again in Christ and in Hellas in order to be saved, and I say to the
Patriarchate of Constantinople to accept them at a testing position as I said at previous.
I call Hellenes to leave these countries and to visit them not.
I beg Angels to keep Hellenes and all godly people clear of the evil and at the same time to put the
disrespectful barbarians and servants of the antichrist in the centre of the scourge of God.
For the Glory of Holy and Homoousios and Undividable Trinity.
For the Glory of the Father and Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit.
For the Glory of All Greatest Creator God and for the Thanking for his Creation.
For the Holy Faith of Christ and for the Hellenic Salvation.
Hellenes take a choice:
God or Death!
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