End Of Your Headache: Find A Self Storage In Centennial, CO Today!

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End Of Your Headache: Find A Self Storage In
Centennial, CO Today!

To be quite straightforward, there are quite a number of choices when it
comes to Storage in Centennial. However, you can soon come to face the fact
that quality Self Storage in Centennial CO is quite hard to find nowadays. This is
when you ought to be introduced to one of the most famous self storage services
there. It is none other than Cutting Edge Self Storage.

Thanks to Cutting Edge's popularity among its customers, this company
has been running for several years now. If you ask from where this popularity
came, you will be introduced to some very wonderful facts and services Cutting
Edge gives for Self Storage in Centennial CO.

Unit Sizes: Cutting Edge keeps the right set of unit sizes in its pockets so that
you can get the perfect Self Storage in Centennial. The available unit sizes cover
almost everything starting from closets to car garages so that you wouldn't have
to worry about how to keep your belongings. A list of available sizes is given
below for your convenience.

* 5x5
* 5x10
* 5x15
* 10x5
* 10x10
* 10x15
* 10x20

If you ever think you are not sure about the actual sizes of these units, you
might just visit Cutting Edge Self Storage to get a visual idea of what you could
put into the self storage units.

U-Haul: Cutting Edge is a proud and authorized dealer of U-Haul. Thus, this
company can provide you with all the supplies that come with U-Haul depending
on your choice. You can get U-Haul transportation to help you with moving your
goods inside the self storage as well during definite hours of the day.

Special Features: There are several notable features this company has which
have put it into the topmost point among other Storage Unit services in
Centennial. These features include

* Alarm Systems
* Carts and Dollies
* Elevator Access
* Drive-up Access
* On-site fax and photocopying
* Temperature control in every storage unit
* On-site Manager to look after everything

Access Security: The security Cutting Edge provides is, in fact, one of the main
reasons why it is so well known. Cutting Edge does not compromise with its
security system at all. All the customers who keep their belongings in Cutting
Edge's hands are provided with unique access codes which they can use to
access their belongings any time between 6am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Once
the access code is entered, the customers are logged into the system, which
makes use of motion-sensing CCTV cameras to keep record of every event that
takes place inside the storage unit. Moreover, the presence of the manager during
access makes sure everything stays the way it's supposed to be.

After reading of all these features, you might think that you have gotten the
perfect self storage in Centennial CO. Well, if you do so, then don't hesitate to
pay Cutting Edge a visit on 7059 South Kenton ST Centennial, CO or dial the
company at 303 799 4300.