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SPREAD THE WORD! - Issue N°2 – April 2008
Issue 2 of our newsletter sees the start of the first of our
3 of the best..
Need advice for translating that official
monthly articles charting the development of our group(s) and
document for the French
our site at http://www.essonneimage.co.uk
administration? Try
We wil cover everything from our social meetups, to
http://www.france-pub.com/etrans.htm ...
interesting additions to our site, to partnerships. If you are
Brits in Essonne Group
Planning on settling in the
interested in the latter we'd love to hear from you. Just contact John Nelson at the
Auvergne? ...
editorial address featured on this page.
First off, talking of partnerships, we are proud to link up with Franglo the wel
... Want to order that favourite
known expat petits annonces site. You can find our new adverts page at:
http://essonneimage.franglo.com - feel free to pay a visit. Two new groups on
Facebook have been created. First off a group for Stay at home Dads in France
Happy Surfing!
which is sometimes perceived by the French as being a bizarre phenomenon.
You can read more about this on the This French Life site:
group is for those British expats in the Essonne region. This is one of several
attempts to create a group to network with possible near neighbours in this area –
but hope that this wil be the one that wil work for everyone.
The fact it is on Facebook may help, you can find it at:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13118771557 - feel free to come and join
us, you don't need to be British or indeed from the Essonne to participate!
The two star Beausejour comprises of
This FREE newsletter is published
the original core of the business, a
monthly to complement the English
focus on...
bar/tabac and hotel, and also a
Speakers in France Group. The
restaurant al situated at Monsec in the
newsletter, including photographs are
copyright John Nelson. Any use on
The Beausejour Périgord Vert region of France, midway websites without the permission of the
between Angoulême and Périgueux in
copyright holder is prohibited.
the south west.
Duplication of photos from
This establishment has been in the Biche
family since 1900 and is stil run by the
for inclusion in media, such as CD’s or
remaining members of this family. The
DVD’s, for resale is also strictly
restaurant provides high quality meals, starting
We are always interested in voluntary
at 20€ for a 4 course menu, drinks are extra.
contributions, ideas or feedback:
The bar/tabac provides a convivial atmosphere
where you can enjoy homemade crêpes and
John Nelson
sandwiches prepared and served by Paule, or
26 rue de la Croix Boissy,
buy a magazine or newspaper in the Tabac
part of the bar.
The large garden behind the restaurant, which could be described as a park is there
Tel: 0033 06 37 33 60 61
for the use of guests. Hotel & restaurant bookings: Mme Biche BEAUSEJOUR,
[email protected]
24340 MONSEC - TEL : 0553609245
CHANTECOLES MICHEL BRIANT was a primary school
head teacher for nearly 30 years and is a
lifelong singer and musician.
Now retired, he continues to write and perform his songs with a
repetoire for young children and folk songs from his beloved
south west France too. He regularly performs to this day.
French language songs complete with karaoké tracks and lyrics
are available from him on audio CD, by writing to the
Association Musicole, Mr Michel Briant, 26bis rue de la
Croix Boissy, 91540 FONTENAY LE VICOMTE or by visiting
his site at: http://chantecoles91.free.fr - you can also download
Paule (left) who runs the bar of the
a FREE sample of one of his songs, Monsieur Crocodile, by
clicking: http://midtownbuses.free.fr/esfmags/crocodile.mp3