English Speakers in France - March 2008 Newsletter

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SPREAD THE WORD! - Issue N°1 – March 2008
What we
are about...
Established in 1999 English Speakers in France is a group aimed at
anglophones who already live, or wish to move to France. We
are based on the website Essonne Image, which is run by John
Nelson: http://www.essonneimage.co.uk

Webmaster John Nelson with his son Rémy
Our basis is interaction via an online forum intended to share
resources and experiences of living in France for the benefice of al
who participate. Unlike a lot of the forums out there we are keen that
of the best. .
those already in France make use of our resources, freely. Our
Need to find the meaning to that
classifieds section is FREE for members to advertise their services
French word quickly? Look it up at
or sell items to an expat audience. Al we ask is that you are based in
http://www.wordreference.com ...
stil puzzled about how many
kisses? Try looking at
Over the years we have had several successful social meetups in
http://combiendebises.free.fr ...
Paris for members. These continue every month and al you need to
Looking for an online savings
do to come along is participate on the forum and check the “Getting
account with good returns? Pay a
Together Room” to see when the next one is scheduled.
visit to http://www.ingdirect.fr ...
Happy Surfing!
Also every month we wil release this FREE newsletter which we
hope you will find an enjoyable read.
focus on...
In theatres across Switzerland,
Germany & Quebec they have
Les frères Taloche
also become extremely popular
with their hysterical y funny brand
Yes they are real y brothers. Vincent & Bruno
of humour, presented with
Taloche appeared notably on Michel Druckers
extreme attention to detail and
“Vivement Dimanche” show in the late 90's
and since then they've not looked back. Wel
Their most famous sketch in
This FREE newsletter is published
known in their native Belguim for their
France was a parody of a French
monthly to complement the English
clownesque humour and mime sketches they
hit 80's song cal ed... “J'ai
Speakers in France Group. The
have since taken France by storm.
d'el e”
newsletter, including photographs are
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hWKi9 c
w yri
A t John Nelson. Any use on
). The act has a something near
websites without the permission of the
copyright holder is prohibited.
to a traditional straightman and
Duplication of photos from
funny man, although each of the
brothers is hilarious in their own
for inclusion in media, such as CD’s or
way. Vincent being the one that
DVD’s, for resale is also strictly
keeps Bruno, the slightly mad
side of the duo, under control.
We are always interested in voluntary
Although there are sketches
contributions, ideas or feedback:
where they work together on an
equal footing. You can find out
John Nelson
more about this wacky pair at
26 rue de la Croix Boissy,
their site http://www.taloche.com
where you can also view info
Tel: 0033 06 37 33 60 61
about their latest shows in
[email protected]
Les Frères Taloche at Théâtre des Variétés in Paris
France and pick up a DVD
compilation of their best bits!