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English Speakers in France
Issue N°7 Summer 2009 - find us at... http://www.englishspeakersinfrance.com SPREAD THE WORD!
3 o f t h e b e s t
Since our last issue, dated September last year, English
Speakers in France has undergone a few changes. It is with
Looking for that illusive job? Check out
regret that Lynn Sullivan & John Posniak have decided to
Jobs in Paris.
leave our team, we wish them both well with their future
French Entrée – your complete
property guide for France.
Two newbies, join us, however. Tish Bogdan & Graham
Looking for a printer in Paris? Have a
Knight are both residents of France. Tish is South African
look at Lalande Digital Art Press.
s Switcheroo at ESF...
and Graham hails from the UK. They will join John Nelson
in helping to run ESF– for a start you will find our new site
at http://www.englishspeakersinfrance.com
Remembering Angie...
The 7th April marked the first anniversary
since we lost Angie.
Her husband Gary continues to set up a
Foundation in her name contributing to
World peace providing education and
health services for Children. The goal of
& karaoké
the Angela Mary Foundation is to build
some Schools and Clinics in the 3rd
for children
Visit Gary's site for further details.
Songs complete with karaoké
tracks and lyri cs are available
Mirmande Loves the Arts
on audio CD, by writi ng to the:
And these California artists love their new home in the Drôme!
Association Musicole,
With Lynn Sullivan.
Mr Michel Briant,
26bis rue de la Croix Boissy,
You can also visit the site
In August there will be a wonderful painting exhibition in Mirmande, a hill town at the edge of OUR
the Rhône SIT
Valley. TES
he artists are
California semi-transplants Frank and Sharon Romero. This came about over the course of about five years, in a very nice way. Frank
and Sharon were newly married and looking for some way to mark their now shared lives. Why not a trip to France?

How do you say “Los Four” en français?
Then again, maybe some things just can’t be translated. Frank Romero is an icon of the Los Angeles art scene. “Los
Four” was a 1970s art collective consisting of Romero and fellow artists Carlos Almaraz, Beto de la Rocha and
Gilbert Lujan. Their 1974 exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was the first show of Chicano art at a
major art institution.
Since then Romero has completed many public murals. He has shown widely in the United States and in Europe,
including “Le Demon des Anges,” which traveled to Nantes. His work is featured in numerous museum collections.
Fortunately they were able to borrow a friend’s Paris
. . . m o r e o f t h e b e s t . . .
apartment -- for a year! During their time there they made
the acquaintance of folks who told them of their country
Drôme Tourism site
home, where their family had lived for generations.
Soon thereafter they were able to visit Mirmande. They fell in
Mirmande Tourist Office
love with the village and, by chance, there was a house with
studio space and a wonderful view, right in the center of
Hotel de Mirmande
town. Of course they bought it; it was meant to be. The Atelier
Romero was founded.
Hotel La Capitelle
Settling in was surprisingly quick and painless. Being artists
Romero Studio
in the “artist’s village” and being introduced by an established
family surely helped.
During my visit last year I met Sharon’s “French mother,” who was delighted by the compliment. I quickly learned that the whole village
was anticipating my arrival and knew who I would be visiting. After the years I have spent hardening myself to the antipathy of Parisians
an actual, sincere welcome was a delight. >>>

New Town, New Style
(cont... from previous page)
Frank and Sharon find that their work has been changed by their new
surroundings. Sharon’s still lives have given way to riotously colorful
depictions of the surrounding countryside. Frank’s gangster cars are
now likely to be Deux Chevaux. His cityscapes are still fabulous, but
smoother. His landscapes, well, you’ll just have to go see.
See the show, see the gallery filled town; it’s all wonderful.
Photos of Sharon and Frank Romero (previous page) are by Lynn Sullivan. The
paintings are (previous page) “Deux Chevaux-rouge” by Frank Romero, and
untitled landscapes by Sharon Romero (this page and previous page).

Frank and Sharon Romero will be exhibiting at the Eglise
Saint Foy gallery, at the top of the hill in Mirmande, from
August 19 through September 13.

Tishs' Chow Corner
Petite Pâté de Pézenas
Surprising and just delicious bite sized pies! Wrapped inside a cotton reel of
crispy golden pastry is a mix of flavours including juices from the Sunday roast
and a hint of a Christmas mincemeat. Featured in Rick Stein's “French Odyssey”,
these Lord Clive Pies (Pâté de Pézenas) are served warm as a starter with a dry
white wine.
The recipe was brought to France by Lord Robert Clive (of India). Born in
Shropshire in 1725, he was convalescing in Pézenas, in the Langedoc, Where his
guests very much appreciated the pies made by his Indian servants. To thank the
town for hosting him he asked his cook to give the town's bakers the recipe.
The original recipe remains a closely guarded secret and has been handed down
through the generations.
This space
This space
The locals are justifiably proud of their “pâté de Pézenas” and promote them
could be
could be
enthusiastically together with their regional wines and local heritage.
working for
working for
Makes 16, start the day before with the pastry.
500 g flour
250 g lard -
Mix together with three good pinches of salt and enough cold
This FREE newsletter is published 4 times a year to
water to make a firm ball of dough. Wrap and leave in a cool place
complement the English Speakers in France site.
Back Issues are available from:
400 g lamb
125 g suet (kidney fat)
The newsletter, including photographs are copyright.
2 untreated lemons
Any use on websites without the permission of the copyright
40 g brown sugar
holder is prohibited.
2 tablespoons of raisins - chopped
Inclusion in media, such as CD’s or DVD’s, for resale is also
1 egg yolk - beaten
strictly prohibited.
A teaspoon and a half mix of nutmeg, ginger, ground cloves and
cinnamon, salt and white pepper to taste

We are always interested in voluntary contributions, ideas or
Preheat the oven to 210 C
John Nelson
Mince the lamb and the suet together. Add the grated lemon zest.
26 rue de la Croix Boissy,
Mix the sugar in gradually and add salt, pepper and spices.
Tel: 0033 06 37 33 60 61
Roll out the pastry on a floured surface to a thickness of 3mm.
Use a glass or cup to cut 32 circles with a diameter of 5cm.
[email protected]
Roll out the pastry again to the same thickness and cut 16 bands of 3cm in height
and by 7cm and form into a cylinder shape of 2cm in diameter. Moisten the inside
edges with water to help with sealing.
Place cylinder on top of base and seal
Spoon in the meat mixture and fill.
This space
This space
Carefully cover with the other circle and
could be
could be
seal the edges. Brush with the egg yolk.
Poke 3 holes in the lid with a toothpick.
working for
working for
Bake at 210 C for about 30 minutes. Serve warm.
More Info about Pézenas here.

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