Enhancing the Quality of Email Service by Streamlining the Email Reply Process

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Enhancing the Quality of Email Service by Streamlining the Email Reply Process
Emails are one of the fastest growing customer service channels that enables companies to trim down their cost.
Managing email conversation with customers demands processes that ensure speed, quality and consistency of
response at all times as sloppy email can rob a company of its credibility. While allowing companies to cut operations
cost, email response gives customers quicker answers and solutions. And one of the ways of enhancing the quality of the
email service is by streamlining the reply process.

How to streamline the email process?
Speeding up the process for delivering an appropriate answer is essential for meeting the SLAs that are established in
the email service as well as in customer experience management. There are three ways - canned content, auto-
suggestions, auto-responses that help in reducing the time it takes to reply to an email.

Canned content
Canned content basically consists of pre-built answers to common questions that can be inserted into email replies.
Canned content characterizes the distinct sorts of problems and inquiries that the organization receives. By classifying
these content types, it is possible to better arrange incoming messages and respond to them with more consistency and
speed. Ideally, an agent needs to be to mix and match existing canned fragments and not produce new content while
answering emails. Arranging canned content into a hierarchy enables agents to perceive content as intuitive and easy to
navigate. It is also useful to create categories for messages that do not need to be answered, such as SPAM or customer
thank-you replies that do not require a response, as these can be useful for reporting purposes.
Auto suggestions are the most likely replies recommended to agents through automatic analysis of message content.
By using these automatic suggestions of specific responses, the amount of time and effort the agent needs to
respond can be considerably reduced. Instead of needing to decipher the request and search for an appropriate
answer, the agent can simply review, modify as needed and send one of the suggested replies. With auto-
suggestions, there is the additional benefit of ensuring the accuracy and consistency of replies to reflect corporate
branding and communication style.
By eliminating the need for any agent involvement, automatic responses have the value of solving the customer's
inquiry more quickly. Auto-responses are best suited for simple and repetitive inquiries.

Answering a customer's inquiry correctly and appropriately seems a given for effective email service and the quality
of response can be enhance by enabling consistent and personalized answers. With effective customer service
software it is possible to gauge how well your email service is succeeding at maintaining and increasing customer
satisfaction and loyalty.

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