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Graal Server: Era

Last updated: August 3, 2010
Welcome to Era, the intention of this guide is to help you understand how Era works, so
you can quickly become a big player on Era. In NO way do I claim that I created this information
nor do I take any credit for this guide. I simply compiled a number of useful guides created by
Sizzle and others so that all the important information can be in one place. Please take some time
and visit the sources here! If any questions are not answered here please PM a PR (Player
Relations). Their job is make sure all your questions are answered, to protect you from scams,
and to enforce the rules.
-Zeus Condero
Table of Contents:
Please click any of the topics below to be taken to that section
Era Rules
Standard Graal Functions
Newbie Guide
Leveling Up
Era Store
Food Business
Weapon Business
Making Money
Weapon Stats
Weapon Prices

I. Era‟s Rules
Ensure that you are entirely familiar with these rules. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in
punishment from the server staff team.
Era basically follows the same standards set in the Graal Online Rule of
Please note that bans apply to you as a person, not your account directly. If you are found to be
using another account while banned, we will not hesitate to ban your new account without
1. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.
 Bugs. Bugs in game should be reported immediately to staff members.
 Exploits; graphics editing, modem tapping, etc
 Third party program(s); „artmoney‟, trainers, macros, etc.
Note: Accounts found to be doing any of the above will be banned without warning. [Reference
2. Good behavior is expected from the staff and playe rs alike. The following is
not allowed, and will be enforced with jailing or a ban.

 Harassment
 Extreme Profanity (Extreme cases will not be allowed. Keep it PG-13)
 Racism
 Avoidance of the swear filters functions
 Targeting players (EG: Constantly killing them, harassing them, etc)
 Ignoring a staff member‟s reasonable requests
 Failure to report bugs, players disobeying these rules, and exploits
 Massing out inappropriate images or websites (eg: Pornographic images)
 Spar PKing.
 Joining events in order to escape from fights or to heal.

We expect decent behavior on all channels of Graal communication that relate to Era. This
includes (but is not limited to) the main game, cross-server communication (e.g. global PMs),
and posts on the GraalOnline forum (both the Era section and private forum messages).
Note: Don't bug staff members to give you things you did not earn any way another player could.
3. Scamming
Scamming is now Illegal on Era. However, this does not mean you now have full protection over
your items. There are certain rules and guidelines which I am about to explain.
All GP‟s are now allowed to watch any sort of trade at the request of a player. The GP will be
there to make sure the Items/Money are transferred safely to the respective player involved in the
trade agreement. It is the player‟s responsibility to make sure all the specifics of the trade are
made clear to the GP before it takes place. If either one of the players involved disobeys the pre-
arranged trade agreement and attempts to “scam” the other player he/she will be punished
accordingly, and the GP will take control of the Item trade himself.
It is VERY important that if you are involved in a drop trade, and you are unsure of the other
person, you PM a GP to come watch. Otherwise if you give someone your gun, we have no way
to prove he scammed you and that you didn‟t simply give it to him and suddenly regret it. It is
their word against yours. However, if we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the scam
DID occur, your items will more than likely be restored.
If you follow these guidelines, then there is a very low possibility of you being scammed
anytime soon under normal circumstances. If a GP is not online at the time of a trade, please be
patient and wait for one to log on. If you get scammed because you were in to much of a hurry to
get a GP to come supervise, then that is your own fault. There is no guarantee that your items
will be restored. All GP‟s reserve the right to refuse a case based on their own discretion.
Along with these new scamming rules, comes new rules regarding Cross Server Trading. It is
once again Illegal to Cross Server Trade on Era. Any player caught advertising it in mass
messages or on client will be punished.
Any PR showing favoritism or allows a scam to take place should be reported to the PR Admin
4. Account sharing.
Graal accounts are not supposed to be shared between players. Each account is reserved for the
original creator of the account. Accounts found to be shared will be banned from the server
without noticed. The IP and PC ID will be logged and given to the Accounts Administration
Team to be dealt with. Advertising the selling, trading, or giving away of accounts is also not

[Reference 1]
In certain circumstances, such as extremely abusive behavior, a user may be locked out without
warning or notice of any kind. […]
Note: Era does not fully follow the policy of e-mailing banned accounts or the amount of time
for each punishment presented here. Each violation is punished according to the management‟s
[Reference 2]
5. Cross-server Trading. -See Scamming-
6. If you have to report any bugs/reports from players click F11 on Era to open
the support center.

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II. Standard Graal Funct.
If you are new to Graal, not just Era, you will want to know how to send a personal message,
mass message, add a buddy, etc. So let‟s take this step by step.
In order to see who is online, press F7. This brings up a list of players who are currently playing
Era. As you will notice there are five sections. Staff, Buddies, Guild, Normal, and Ignored.
Those under staff work for the server and the people you should PM for assistance. The person
under staff with the end of their name looking like “(Server)” is not a real person and cannot
respond to your questions.
To add someone as a friend, right click a person‟s name and click “Buddy.” To add someone to
your ignore list (means they can‟t contact you) click Ignore.
To send a mass message, which means everyone on the server receives the message, click the
highest name possible. Then hold shift and use your mouse to scroll down the buddy list all the
way to the bottom. Then click the last name on the list while still holding shift. Finally, right
click any name and click Message. On top the blue box it should say “ Send message to selected”
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III. Newbie Guide
When you first log on to Era you will be in the central zone, also known as unstuck me. As you
will notice, you are unable to get hurt while sitting in this safe zone. This is because this area is a
no-pk zone. Most buildings are also no-pk zones. If you are stuck, lost, or simply do not feel like
walking, you can say “unstick me” at any time to be warped back here. However you have to
stand still for 30 seconds before it will warp you.
Warning: A new feature allows you take damage in no-pk zones if you have been hit or hit
someone else with a bullet. You must stand still for at least 5 seconds in order for the area to
return to a no-pk zone again.

The controls of Era are very similar to those of other servers, nonetheless there may be some
slight differences.


A:Grab (Used to open doors,pick up objects,and press buttons or switches)

S:Punch (Used for melee combat)

D:Shoot (Use this to shoot a gun, this will only work if you have a gun with ammo

Q:Menu (This opens the menu where your items are held, you have to hold 'Q' down
unlike other servers)

Left Mouse:Buying (If you want to buy a item and its out of reach 'Left click' it and a
menu will pop up asking if you want to buy or not)

Right Mouse:Buying (If you want to view someones profile move your cursor over them
and 'Right Click')

M:Map (This shows you the entire map of Era, you'll need this if your new because it
shows alot of places you'll need to go)

Tab:Talk (When you hit 'Tab', type in something you want to say and click 'Tab' again)

Right Arrow/L:Moves player right

Left Arrow/J:Moves player left

Up Arrow/I:Moves player up

Down Arrow/K:Moves player down

F:Alternative fire/Bamboo attack

G:Bamboo attack

N:Opens Era GUI (Era GUI has more of the latest news and staff updates)

1:Strafe (Faces your character in one direction till you press '1' again)
(Note these are the default control settings so if you changed your controls they might be
Era uses a command script for certain things.
To use a command press 'Tab' and type in the command you want to use, and then press Enter.

For Changing Body Colors:

/Skin "BasicColor" (Without quotes)(Example:/Skin Red)(Changes Color Of Your
Players Skin)

/Coat "BasicColor" (Without quotes)(Example:/Coat Red)(Changes Color Of Your
Players Coat)

/Sleeves "BasicColor" (Without quotes)(Example:/Sleeves Red)(Changes Color Of Your
Players Sleeves)

/Belt "BasicColor" (Without quotes)(Example:/Belt Red)(Changes Color Of Your Players

/Shoes "BasicColor" (Without quotes)(Example:/Shoes Red)(Changes Color Of Your
Players Shoes)
Display Commands:

/NoDmgColor (Toggles No Damage Color)
Car Commands:

/Sell Car "Amount" (Without quotes)(Example:/Sell car 10000)(Puts A 'For Sale' Sign
On Your Car)

/FixCar (If Your Car Has Disappeared Try This Command)

/FindCar (If You Can't Find Your Car, Try This Command)
Other Commands:

/FFire (Allows You To Be Hurt Or Not Be Hurt By Friendly Fire)

/HotKey "Key" (Without Quotes)(Example:/HotKey L)(The Strafe New Key, Usually Set
As 1)

/MapView (Displays Players On The Map Or Not)

/Clear (Clears Message Queue)

/ItemTrade "Account" (Without Quotes)(Example:/ItemTrade Sizzle1989)(Allows You
To Request A Item Trade)
Party Commands:

/PartyJoin "PartyName" "Password" (Without
Quotes)(Example:/Partyjoin SizzleOwns MyPassword)(You Only Need To Use The
Password If The Leader Gave The Party A Password)

/PartyKick "Account" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyKick Sizzle1989)(Kicks
Someone Out Of Your Party, You Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyLeave (Allows You To Leave The Party Your Currently In)

/PartyList (Shows You A List Of All Existing Parties)

/PartyPassword "Password" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyPassword
NewPassword)(Set A Join Password For Your Party, Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyAddAlly "Party" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyAddAlly Dark Dynasty)(Add's
An Ally To Your Party, Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyAddEnemy "Party" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyAddEnemy Dark
Dynasty)(Add's An Enemy To Your Party, Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyRemoveAlly "Party" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyRemoveAlly Dark
Dynasty)(Removes An Ally From Your Party, Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyRemoveEnemy "Party" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyRemoveEnemy Dark
Dynasty)(Removes An Enemy From Your Party, Must Be The Leader To Do This)

/PartyTag (Add's Your Party Tag On The End Of Your Nickname, Must Be In A Party
To Do This)

/PartyTalk "Message" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyTalk Hey Yo)(Sends A Message
To All Party Members)

/PartyMsg "Message" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyMsg Hey Yo)(Sends A Message
To All Party Members)

/PartyWithdraw "Amount" (Without Quotes)(Example:/PartyWithdraw 500)(Withdraws
Money From Your Party's Account, You Must Be The Leader To Do This)
Other Commands:

/Trade "Amount" to "Account" (Without Quotes)(Example:/Trade 50
to Sizzle1989)(Trades Money From Your Hand To Another Players Hand)

/Male (Changes Your Gender To Male)

/Female (Changes Your Gender To Female)

/ResetMine (Fixes Constant Mineral Producing)

Gani Commands:














Era has many commands and you most likely will only need ones you know so just stick around
you'll learn a lot.
Graphical User Interface, short for the interface at the top left of your screen.
Display GUI:

Your current Hp, if this ever gets to 0 you're dead and you will go to the Hospital.

Your remaining armor, it's only full if you buy armor from a weapon store.

Your current amount of money is next, just to let you know you don't want to carry alot
of money in a Pk-zone unless you feel like losing it if your killed so remember to deposit
your money in the Bank but we'll get to that later.

Your current ping, the higher the number the more you lag. Anywhere below 150 ms is

Your current amount of ammo, this will only show if you have a gun equipped. The
number on the left will be your current magazine and the number on the right is how
much you have stocked.

Your current amount of melee ammo, this will only show if you have a melee weapon
requiring ammo. The number on the left will be your current magazine and the number
on the right is how much you have stocked.

Now if any of the GUI system is getting on your nerves you can always 'Left Click'the '-' sign on
the left to hide the one of your choosing, and to add it back simple 'Left Click' the '+' sign.
You can also access various options by 'Left Clicking' the monkey wrench at the very top left of
your screen.

Gang Adding (If enabled, gang recruiters can add you to a gang)

Hide Taskbar (If enabled, the Graal Taskbar will be minimized when you log on)