Announces Its Foray into SEO with A Sleek New Website

Text-only Preview Announces Its Foray into SEO with A Sleek
New Website, a new website led by experienced SEO Consultant Shane Hunter offers seo
consulting, seo services and internet marketing seo speaker to help clients manage and enhance their
website ranking in the Search Engine Rank Position (SERP's). It also offer free initial seo consultation to
figure out an effective gameplan for its client's website.
"In today's Google Panda arena, it is important to pay attention to on-page optimization, content creation
and off-page optimization to move ahead of your competitors. Sticking with ineffective and out-dated seo
strategies is just a waste of time. With 12+ years of experience in usability, inbound marketing, SEO,
social media management and PPC management, Shane Hunter can help you to improve your website
ranking through his website. We offer a wide range of seo services ranging from seo
consulting to seo services and internet marketing seo speaker. We also offer a free initial SEO
consultation to help figure out the gameplan for your website", says a spokesperson for
Most often, web owners choose seo consultants without proper evaluation and regret later for their wrong
decision. Since, there is an increasing demand for SEO consultants and services. Even people with less
computer knowledge have started to play a seo consultant's role. Therefore, it is important to identify an
experienced and reliable seo consultant.
Shane Hunter, a 12+ years experienced seo consultant helps clients through his new website which offers effective seo services including on-page optimization, fresh and
informative content creation and high quality link building. As a seo consultant, Shane Hunter uses
details, logistics, site planning, sandbox recovery, onpage and offpage analysis and much more to offer
step by step procedures for clients to enhance their website ranking.
He also offers a wide range of seo services including on-page and off-page optimization and content
creation services to assist clients in improving their site's visibility and traffic.
"Shane Hunter has helped several 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure companies to build and strengthen their online
presence. He can also assist you in correcting your professional seo advice during seminar, corporate
meeting, or any other business event", adds the spokesperson.

About the Author : is a new website led by 12+ years experienced SEO Consultant Shane Hunter. It
offers a wide range of services including seo consulting, seo services and internet marketing seo speaker.
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