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You are probably concerned with writing according to a particular documentation style, such as the APA writing style,
when you write papers. In this day and age, high school students are sometimes asked to write papers, while college
students are required to write them for almost all their courses. Writing using a documentation style is required so that
the writer can credit his or her sources. This means that some of the ideas, and findings that are not yours should be
properly labeled as the original author's. The readers can use these source citations, which point to the original authors
and titles for their own research. The APA (American Psychological Association writing style) was originally created for
psychology and some science documentation. However, the APA writing style is now being used by many other
disciplines such as medicine, and education. In this writing style, the documentation is very rigorous. It also differs from
other styles in in-text citation, which requires all authors and dates to be named in the parenthetical.
I'm not going to attempt to cover all of the specifics of the APA writing style in this article because they would fill a
book. Let me give you a few of the most commonly used APA writing style conventions in this article. In the in-text
citation of this documentation style, the writer must acknowledge the original author whenever he or she uses that
particular author's language. This is usually done by putting the citation information inside a parenthesis.
You have to include the date of the publication in the parentheses when you use the APA writing style. It is also required
that you use the author's name in the parentheses, followed by n.d., which means no date if you mention the author's
name in your statement and no date is available.
The footnote is also used in a documentation that uses the APA writing style. Footnotes are now used less often
although they were the singular way to cite sources fifty years ago. Nevertheless, writers should still know how to use
them when assigned to or when asides are too intrusive in the main text.
The end notes are similar to the footnotes. They explain the document further and cite valuable sources. This way the
reader can use the writer's paper when he or she begins a research. All notes can be placed on one page at the end of
the paper in the APA writing style.
The references page is also an important element in documentation. It is also known as the works cited page or the
bibliography. The references page thoroughly records or identifies each and every source that the writer used or quoted
in the text. Every entry in this page includes the author, title, place and date of publication. The order of the entries
must be alphabetical, and they must be punctuated, indented, and styled according to specific rules.
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