Etios Liva With Diesel Powertrain Infers Upliftment In Market Share For Toyota

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Etios Liva With Diesel Powertrain Infers
Upliftment In Market Share For Toyota
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introduced their entry level sedan and
hatchback duet, Toyota Etios and Toyota
Etios Liva in India, they have no time to look
back as these two vehicles exceeded the
expectations of the carmakers which makes
these as actively sought after cars by the
common people. Toyota Etios Liva has
consistently fought its war of existence very
well in the hatchback segment that is too
much crowded with all sorts of small cars
and hatchbacks that promise to deliver one
above the other relishing features to
sustain in the market for a longer duration.
Now, when Toyota Etios Liva has chocked
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the wind pipe of the other cars by its new
variant with diesel engine, it is fairly
witnessed that Toyota has remarkably
heightened in the prospects of market
success that it has in India.

Toyota Etios Liva price is kept to be around Rs
5.40 lakh to attract more average earning
customers and higher middle class families
towards this car.
Toyota Etios specifications for the latest diesel
variants show no cosmetic enhancements and
moreover, there is a basic change in the engine
type only. The 1364 cc diesel counterpart of
Liva is brought in three different versions
namely, Etios Liva G-D, Etios Liva V-D and Etios
Liva VX-D. Etios G-D is the low end variant
which also has an optional pack and safety
pack. The mid variant is Etios Liva V-D whereas
the high end variant is Etios VX-D. Toyota Etios
liva is perfectly defined fuel efficient car with a
surprisingly high mileage of 23.59kmpl which is
just some points less than Indica eV2 that gives
25kmpl and Beat Diesel that brings 25.44 kmpl
of mileage output.
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See More Toyota Etios Liva Pictures
No sign of change is seen in the petrol and diesel versions of Toyota Etios Liva in terms of
features and technical upgradations. Even the looks of this hatchback is just-as-it-is repeated.
This car will extensively compete with fuel efficient hatchbacks like Tata Indica eV2, Beat
Diesel, Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20 and many more.