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Europe 1805 II
War of The Third Coalition


Table of Content
I - Introduction
III - Trade Part

Tattered, Strong & Fine

II - Where to start
Deliver Grain

New Goods & Items


IV - Management Part

Early Game

Banking & Investing

II - Warfare Part
Special People

The Coalition
Village Management

Troop types
Town Management

The Battlefield
Town Management

Combat Abilities

Form Ranks
IV - Tips & Strategies

Loot & Plunder



Troop Editor

Camp Entrenchment

Battlefield /F5, F9/

Viva la Revolution

Useful Maps

Increase in Rank


III - Civil Part

Earning Medals

VI - Conclusion




Social Classes

Influence - Way to Power

- 2 -


"All the business of war, and indeed all the business of life,
is to endeavour to find out what you don't know by
what you do; that's what I called 'guessing what
was at the other side of the hill."
- Duke of Wellington


This guide has only one target; to make you understand the principles of
the modification better. Let's begin with the history of this modification.

Europe 1805 has a long and ancient history.
Everything started with Bjorne. when he founded the Age of Blackpowder series
some years ago. Then Berthout, a very excellent Mod Developer came and made the
modification Europe 1805, which is part of the AoB series.

I came and asked if the mod has already a new map, instead of the old Calradia map.
Then I offered my services and during the mod development I got some experiences with
modelling & Texturing. Before the release (autumn 2010) I made some promisses about a
second release. And finally at the end of the summer holidays I started a topic and told the
whole world Europe 1805 II is coming!

And now one year, around 360 features and various up and downs later, version II has been
released! Berthout's targets were to keep historically exactness, provide fun and gameplay and
the most important: giving the player the feel of the Napoleonic Era!

- 3 -


It's important to take a look at your graphical settings first. The modification uses HD
textures, which are far more detailed and better than Native's ones.
Recommended settings are:

Shadow Quality: High
Texture Detail: 85%
Nothing set on unlimited

But this depends on your own settings of course.
Keep in mind even excellent computers might
need lowered settings.

If you encounter a CDT (Crash To Desktop, without error message), Runtime error or a
game crash: "Unable to lock vertex buffer", then you need to lower your graphical settings.
Try to lower the anti aliasing first. Then you might adjust the amount of people on the
battlefield. If this doesn't work, adjust the amount of corpses and ragdolls. Not working for
you? You might try to lower your shadow quality and texture detail. The last one works
wonders! Still getting problems, even if everything is set on the lowest settings, then switch
to DirectX 7.

Europe, the continent where the Western Culture began! But also the continent where the
Napoleonic War was mainly fought. The first time you enter the big world map you might
scare out a bit. This huge map is much, much bigger than Calradia. First you need to turn
180 degrees because the north isn't the north. This is a little problem, caused by importing the
map a long time ago.

- 4 -

Leaving that behind us and taking a look on the map gives a impression of how many towns,
castles and villages there are. Enough to plunder and to destroy!

As you can see Europe is divided into many
countries. France, England, Austria and
Russia are the main ones. But where is
Germany? Well Germany didn't exist in that
time. It's founded in 1871.
From the Medieval Era the Holy Roman
Empire existed. This Empire was divided into
different autonomous states. Prussia of course
was the most important of all.
You will notice that Italy didn't exist as well!
In 1805 Italy was divided into a Kingdom -
actually a vassal state created by Napoleon - the Papal States, rules by the Pope - and the
Kingdom of Naples and Sicily in the south.

Leaving that for now, let's take a look at the GUI. Click on `Camp' and you'll notice several
new options. First click `View your progressions'. Here you can view your current class & rank
and conditions to upgrade. Then look further and you see duelling is possible in this game!

- You can duel with companions and lords. Lords and especially faction leaders require a
higher renown before you can challenge them.
- Piano skills can be improved by playing the piano in a average house.
- Player honour is important to gain medals. Improve this by completing quests.
- Influence Points, the way to power! Basically you get a base amount per week, depending on
your class. But it's not hard to talk with a lord and get more influence on your own!
- Prestige! Really important to increase in class. Villages, towns, castles and your actions
during the game can influence this.
- Houses overview. Here's everything you need, to manage your house!

Now let's return and click `Europe 1805 - Options'. This screen let's you personalize your
game a bit. If you encounter some errors while walking in towns, lower the
amount of town walkers.

- 5 -

The list below does not include revolutionary states or mercenaries employed by some factions or veterans.

The Kingdom of Denmark
Danish Militia, Danish Regular, Danish Grenadier, Danish Dragoon, Norwegian Skier

Denmark is in a bit of a difficult situation. Even though it has important trade connections with Britain it
cannot afford to come into full conflict with the French Empire. Added to this it has continued rivalry with
Sweden over Norway. Because Sweden has declared itself a enemy of France ever since the revolution worse
relations with Britain might be a price to pay in return for support from Napoleon.

The Kingdom of Sweden
Coalition member
Swedish Recruit, Swedish Regular, Finnish Marksman, Swedish Dragoon

Located in a corner of the Map Sweden is quite safe from looting armies. Nevertheless it is far from sure that
this relatively small nation hasn't entered a conflict that is out of it's league. The biggest challenge will be to
protect Swedish Pomerania. A conflict would be a huge risk but also offer great possibilities.

The Electorate of Bavaria
Allied with France
Bavarian recruit, Bavarian Regular

Although formally independent Bavaria has become a bit of a puppet state from France, without whose support
it would not be able to withstand it's long conflict with Austria. Chances are that the main fighting between
France and Austria will take place on Bavarian soil.

- 6 -

The French Empire
Main enemy of the coalition
French Conscript, French Fusilier, French Voltigeur, French Grenadier, French Dragoon, French Dismounted
Dragoon, French Hussar, French Horse Chasseur, French Cuirassier

This is the army to beat. Their soldiers might not be the very best, both infantry and cavalry are very good. The
French army is balanced and good in everything. Especially in logistics which allows them to have slightly larger
armies in the field then other nations. They are also certain of support from their Dutch and Italian vassal states.
While being capable of fighting a war on multiple fronts, imperial overstretch might become something to worry
about when the game progresses. Cuirassiers and Grenadiers are probably the best units they can bring into the
field. Unlike most other factions they don't arm their light infantry, the voltigeurs, with rifles but with muskets.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain
Leader of the coalition
British Volunteer, British Regular, British Grenadier, British Rifle, Highlander,British Light Dragoon,
British Heavy Dragoon, KGL Hussar

In 1805 the British army is still far away from what it is in the peninsular war. After the disastrous campaign in
Flanders (1793-94) it was clear that reforms where needed. By now the infantry has become quite good but the
cavalry is still a weak point. Because dragoons are cheaper all British cavalry was transformed to either Light or
Heavy Dragoons. Their equipment is average and their training horrible. The one exception to this is the King's
German Legion. Their Hussars can hold their own against any other in Europe.

The Papal States
Papal Recruit, Papal Regular

- 7 -

The Kingdom of Portugal
Portuguese Recruit, Portuguese Regular, Portuguese Cacadores, Portuguese Dragoon

The Kingdoms Naples and Sicily
Neutral, high probability of conflict with the Ottoman Empire.
Sicilian Recruit, Sicilian Regular, Sicilian Dragoon

The Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily are in a personal union under Ferdinand (IV in Naples and III in Sicily) and
who would later become king of the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily as Ferdinand I. As a Catholique ruler he has
a natural dislike for both the Ottoman Empire and, since the Revolution, France.

The Kingdom of Spain
Allied with France
Spanish Recruit, Spanish Regular, Spanish Heavy Cavalry

In 1805 the stealthy invasion hasn't taken place yet and Spain is still a trusted ally of France.

The County of Nassau
Nassau Recruit, Nassau Regular

- 8 -

The Austrian Empire
Coalition member
Austrian Recruit, Austrian Volunteer, Austrian Regular, Austrian Grenadier ,Austrian Jaeger, Tyrolean Jaeger,
Polish Uhlan, Hungarian Hussar, Austrian Kurassier

The Austrian infantry is decent but the true power comes from their cavalry. The Hungarians have the best
hussars and the Polish Uhlans employed by the Austrian empire are lethal. The biggest threat for the Austrian
empire comes from it's central location. A war with both France and the Ottoman empire could prove to be to
much. Worse still, it's far from sure that the Prussians can be trusted.

The Serbian Revolutionary State
Neutral, war with the Ottoman Empire
Serbian Rebel, Serbian Militia, Serbian Revolutionary

After the Slaughter of the Knezes in 1804 the Serbians rebelled against their Ottoman governor and selected
chose their own government and parliament. While the revolt is mostly aimed at the corrupt governors and not
the Ottoman Sultan itself a direct conflict with the Ottoman empire is unavoidable. The Serbians don't have a
regular army and will have to use guerilla tactics to survive to upcoming conflict.

The Electorate of Saxony
Saxon Recruit, Saxon Regular, Saxon Hussar

One of the German states that constantly tried to be on the winning side in the conflict between Prussia and
France. This however could turn out to be a dangerous game as it isn't strong enough to take on either one of
these states.

- 9 -

The Ottoman Empire
Neutral, War with Serbian & Montenegrorebel states, high probability of
conflict with the Kingdoms Naples and Sicily.
Ottoman Recruit, Nizam-I Cedit, Janissary, Sipahi

The Ottoman Empire is not what is used to be. It has become painfully obvious that the traditional warrior class
that protected the empire is no longer capable in doing so. Change, however, might lead to civil war and the new
Nizam-I Cedit soldiers in European Style are not yet experienced enough to take over from the Janissaries. A
constant problem for the Ottomans is the large amount of bandits and rebels.

The Kingdom of Italy
Vassal state of the French Empire
Italian Recruit, Italian Regular

This Vassal of the French Empire is in full conflict with the Austrian Empire. Expect some bitter fighting
against vast Austrian Armies. Support from France might be essential if this small, new kingdom is to survive.

The Kingdom of Prussia
Prussian Conscript, Prussian Musketeer, Prussian Schuetzen ,Prussian Grenadier, Prussian Jaeger, Prussian
Dragoon, Prussian Kurassier, Prussian Hussar, Brandenburger Uhlan

Prussia starts as a neutral state. This time can best be used to get a decent army as it is far from sure they can
stop a foreign invasion. Frederick The Great made Prussia to what it is today but after his death reforms halted
and the Prussian army is still organised like in those glorious days. Worse still is that their equipment has
become outdated. The only musket worse then the Prussian standard infantry musket is those used by the
Russians. This makes their infantry vastly inferior in both range and reload time then their French and Austrian
colleagues. The cavalry however still has an excellent reputation. Even though their mythical status is a bit
exaggerated they do are above average.

- 10 -