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Europe Fo od & Beverage Sugars & its Substitutes market is estimated to
reach $2,945. 1 million by 2018.
The Europe Food & Beverage Sugars & its Substitutes market report defines and segments the
market in Europe with analysis and f orecast of revenue.
The market is estimated to grow from around $2,327.4
million in 2013 to $2,945.1 million by 2018, at a CAGR of
4.5% from 2013 to 2018.
Artificial Sweeteners play an important role in the health
and well-being of the consumers, as they regulate the
sugar intake in the diet, especial ly for the ones suffering
from obesity and diabetes.
Also, as we know that the global obesity levels have
risen, the low-calorie f oods are considered sig nificant by
the food and beverage companies.
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report, to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided. This also provides a glimpse of the
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Major health issues like diabetes, obesity and other health related issues have proliferated
worldwide, and in order to combat them, artificial sweeteners such as stevia, honey, dextrose,
xylitol, agave nectar and others serve as the best solution for lessening the sugar intake.
However, the stevia market in Europe has boosted the regional as well as the global market. The
flourishing food processing and beverage industry are the key elements to drive the market
Key Players in this
market are Ajinomoto
Co., Inc. Domestic
Food Products, ADM
Corn Processing,
Atlantic Chemicals
Trading GMBH.
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growth. Besides, the increasing consumer awareness regarding benefits of sugar substitutes is
also fueling the market growth.
Europe is one of the major markets, wherein Germany is the largest market, with a major share
of 24.1%, as of 2013. The five major players of this market are Tate & Lyle (U.S) Cargill (U.S.),
Archer Daniels Mildland company (U.S.), Ingredion Inc. (U.S.), Roquette Freres S.A (U.S.), and
others. Roquette Freres is the major player that accounted for a share of 31.2%, followed by
Tate & Lyle with a share of 24.2%, as of 2013.
Asia-Pacific Food & Beverage Sugars & its Substitutes Market:
Asia-Pacific Food & Beverage Sugars & its Substitutes Market
Food & Beverage Sugars & its Substitutes-Asia-Pacific can be segmented by MacroIndicators,
Companies and Applications. MacroIndicators of this market are Population Projection.
Companies of this market are Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Domestic Food Products, ADM Corn
Processing, Atlantic Chemicals Trading GMBH, A & Z food additives Co. Ltd, Biovittoria
Limited, Cargill Incorporated, C elanese C orporation, Cumberland Packing Corp, Dulcette
Technologies LLC, DuPont Nutrition & health, Hermes Sweeteners Ltd., Impala Imperial Sugar
Company, Ingredion Food and beverage sweeteners, JK Sucralose Inc., JnJ Consumer
Nutritionals, Merisant Worlwide Inc., Naturex Nutrition & Health, The Nutrasweet Company,
PureCircle Limited Integrated Production and Marketing of High Purity Stevia Products, Tate &
Lyle Bulk Ingredients, Roquette Human N utrition and Other Companies. Applications of this
market are Drug formulations, Beverage products, Bakery,Confectionery, Dairy Products and
Food Products - Other.
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