Event Horses

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Event Horses
Eventing is an equestrian sport which comprises of three phases; dressage, cross country and show
The sport
There are generally two types of event competition the one day event (ODE) and the three day event
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When competing in the one day all three phases are completed in the same day, when competing in the
three day event one phase is completed per day.
Dressage is the first phase; the horse and rider are judged on the execution of movements and the
horse's compliance and way of going.
Cross country is the second phase; this is a test of strength and stamina for both horse and rider, they
must complete a lengthy outdoor course where there a many sturdy fences and other natural obstacles,
this section is timed and penalties are awarded for disobediences and running over the time allowed to
complete the course.
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Showjumping is the last phase; where the horse and rider are tested over a technical course of coloured
showjumps that can be knocked down, again this must be completed within a certain time frame, again
faults are given for disobediences, fences down and running over the time aloud.
The dressage scores are imperative; they place the competitors in order, faults may be accumulated in
the cross country and show jumping phases, but if no faults are given it is the dressage score that
decides the overall winner.
Horses and ponies used for eventing
An inexperienced event rider would need a safe and knowledgeable horse or pony to ride to improve
and teach the rider and boost the riders confidence. At the lower levels of eventing any type of horse or
pony can be used, as long as it is peak physical condition. The more experienced rider will need a more
athletic horse as the phases become more and more demanding.
Correct confirmation of the event horse is vital; the event horse's body is exposed to an array of
stresses and strains from the diverse rudiments of eventing. A horse with correct confirmation will be
stronger and will have a better chance of staying sound.
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