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Surgical Hair Transplantation Remedies for Hair Loss in Affected Individuals

Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem among aging people. A healthy person loses
about a hundred hair strands each day and this is still considered normal. The average human
head is comprised of a hundred thousand hair follicles. Hair loss transplants are surgical
procedures meant to reverse hair loss in patients.

What Causes Hair Loss in Most People?

While there are a lot of activities that cause people to lose some of their hair in their day-to-day
living, there are only few real causes where actual hair loss happens. In most cases, hair loss is
predisposed genetically through gene heredity. This is the reason why male pattern baldness
occurs in most men once they reach the age of 30 and above.

Some causative factors of hair loss can be reversed. For instance, cessation of intake of some
family planning pills or chemotherapeutic drugs leads to full recovery. But there are other factors
that lead to permanent hair loss. In this regard, people who seek permanent hair loss treatment
can always opt for surgical hair transplantation if ascertained as appropriate.

There are many remedial treatments that patients opt for but which offer only a temporary solution
to their hair loss problem. Some of these include use of false hair wigs. On the other hand, hair
transplantation is a surgical method that achieves permanent results to baldness and hair thinning.

Types of hair transplantation methods include strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (also
known as FUE). Both methods are effective in permanently restoring hair growth in areas in the
head where there is an occurrence of hair thinning. The FUE technique is a very popular modern
technique in terms of efficacy and more information about it can be found by visiting clinics like

Strip Harvesting as a Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair thinning is often a devastating reality that hits both men and women alike. It often triggers self
denial, depression, loss of self esteem, resentment, fear and stigmatization. However, this is
usually overcome in its own time and patients start living normally again after accepting the

The best thing to hear when in such a situation would be that something can be done to correct
the situation. There are many options that have been in use for a very long time and surgery has
been a popular alternative for more than half a century now. Of the most recent top choices of
surgical interventions is strip harvesting and FUE.

In the strip harvesting technique, sections of the scalp skin are cut in strips to obtain hair from the
sides of the head and are transferred to the places where balding has taken place. The wound is
sutured back together so as to start the healing process. In modern times, FUE has taken over the
older surgical approach.

There are quality clinics that guarantee patients a wide range of hair restoration remedies and
quality results. This could come as a combination of advanced hair transplantation techniques with
customized products that ensure maximum benefit to you as a patient.

Losing hair is devastating to both men and women especially if it comes at an early age or could
be termed as premature hair loss. This, however, must not necessarily be the case if a patient will
seek for proper intervention from quality clinics that offer a wide range of remedies as soon as
they start noticing something that is worrisome.