Exactly How E Cigarettes Can Assist You To Stop Smoking

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How E Cigarettes Can Assist You To Quit Smoking
In the 2010 survey, there are 43 million smokers of tobacco in the U.S. 5 million people die every year
due to cigarette smoking. Most of these smokers knew the dangers of smoking, but they still have
difficulty quitting. For most people, cigarette smoking is pleasurable. New reports even came out that
smoking may minimize the risks of Parkinsons disease. If there are indeed any benefits, the harm of
tobacco smoke far outweighs its advantages. Some people try to quit by resorting to electronic cigarette
use and if you read electronic cigarette reviews, users say that both cigarettes and e-cigarettes taste the
Cigarettes contain both arsenic and lead, among others. Chemical weapons used to harm millions of
people during wars contain both arsenic and cyanide. Aside from being toxic, these chemicals also
contribute to poor I.Q. in children. If the parents are regular smokers, the children are also exposed to
lead regularly. Smoking cigarettes directly is far from being as dangerous as having to inhale
secondhand and thirdhand smoke. People find it difficult to kick off the habit because of the nicotine.
This is why best best ecig 2013 is your best choice. When you buy e-cigs, it will include a battery, a
charger, vaporizer, a nicotine cartridge and light. Smoke inhalation is eradicated because mist comes
out from e-cigs instead of smoke.

They say that the effects of nicotine can be compared with the effects of caffeine. E-cigs contain small
amounts of nicotine, too small to be dangerous. E-cigarettes let you save money because they last
longer than ordinary cigarettes. You are also able to re-use e-cigs. According to the latest surveys, 69
percent of smokers do want to quit, however, most of them lack control and willpower. Those who
were able to quit successfully, were able to do it by using e-cigs instead.

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