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Exam : 1D0-425
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1.Which type of e-commerce would be the best option for a small-business owner?
A.Offline storefront
B.In-house solution
C.Online storefront
D.E-commerce is not yet an appropriate option for small businesses.
2.Domain Alpha trusts domain Beta. Domain Beta trusts domain Omega. Therefore, it follows that:
A.domain Alpha trusts domain Omega.
B.domain Omega trusts domain Alpha.
C.domain Beta trusts domain Alpha.
D.domain Omega trusts all other domains in the system.
3.In an effort to provide the best customer service, your business has decided to provide
synchronous solutions. Which of the following services can be used to provide synchronous
online customer service?
A.A current message board
B.A live chat session
C.An online knowledge base
D.Accessible online help
4.A new business has adopted an e-commerce model. As its e-commerce implementation begins
to evolve and refine, which one of the following would indicate a poor implementation?
A.A greater ability to track and profile customers
B.No reduction in transaction costs
C.A reduction in the amount of manual process
D.A reduction in transaction time
5.Siobhan must choose which type of e-commerce implementation to use for her business. After
evaluating the possible solutions, she concludes that she needs the option to administer her site
from almost anywhere. Which solution should she choose?
A.An offline storefront
B.An offline instant storefront
C.An online storefront
D.An online in-house storefront
6.Lashonda is a customer service manager who has recently heard much discussion about
co-browsing. What is co-browsing?
A.Browsing that allows a customer assistance center to control the customer browser Browsing that
allows a customer assistance center to control the customer? browser
B.Browsing that allows a customer to browse with friends and family
C.Browsing that is company-supervised
D.Browsing initiated by a company marketing program, intended to guide users along certain paths on the
company site Browsing initiated by a company? marketing program, intended to guide users along certain
paths on the company? site
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
7.Seamus is choosing an e-commerce solution for his business. He needs the ability to make
updates easily while he is traveling, using his own computer to store the information. Which
e-commerce Web site solution should he choose?
8.Chuy has been assigned to investigate the viability of EDI for her company. As it relates to
e-commerce, what does the acronym EDI mean?
A.Electronic Data Interchange
B.Electronic Digital Interchange
C.Electronic Digital Information
D.Electronic Data Information
9.Which of the following standards provides trading protocol options to control the way in which
the trade occurs?
A.Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)
B.Open Trading Protocol (OTP)
C.Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
D.Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
10.Selena works for a large company that wants to implement a data exchange process with
another large company. These two companies are especially focused on standardizing and
securing the information that is sent between them. Which solution should Selena implement?
A.A solution using Electronic Format Interchange (EFI)
B.A solution using Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)
C.A solution using Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
D.A solution using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
11.Ole visits an e-commerce site and wants to buy one of its products. Before he places the order,
he looks for basic information about how the product works but he finds none. Ole abandons his
purchase. Which of the following is the easiest solution that the e-commerce site could have
implemented to keep Ole's business?
A.Provide a better search engine to find the information
B.Design the site navigation to be more user-friendly
C.Provide a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that lists basic product information
D.Include a diagram of how each product works
12.Which of the following best describes Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)?
A.An Internet standard that protects merchants by verifying identities of customers, and protects
customers by shielding their credit card numbers from merchants
B.A protocol that uses encryption in which one key is used to encrypt and decrypt the messages sent over
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
a secure line
C.An Internet standard designed for high-volume, low-dollar transactions
D.The interorganizational exchange of documents in standardized electronic form directly between
participating computers
13.Offline storefront packages exhibit which one of the following characteristics?
A.Easy administration from any Internet connection
B.Browser-based development ability
C.No merchant ID requirement for credit card transactions
D.A greater degree of configuration capabilities
14.Seamus makes changes to his e-commerce storefront without a live connection to the Internet.
Which type of storefront is he using?
A.An offline storefront
B.An online storefront
C.An administration storefront
D.An upload storefront
15.Chuy's supervisor asks her to explain the functionality of a B2B network. Which of the
following is the best description of a B2B network?
A.A network that supports the selling of products from wholesale to retail
B.A network that unites buyers and suppliers who otherwise might not have the knowledge or capacity to
conduct business together
C.A network that drives the supply chain for manufacturers and distributors
D.A network that allows retailers to accept and process orders from other vendors by facilitating the
transaction, contracts and handling the transfer of funds via the ACH system
16.Which aspect of cryptography is strongly protected by U.S. export laws to enforce levels of
security needs?
A.Strong encryption
D.Cryptographic keys
17.SSL is accomplished in seven steps. Which of the following choices describes the steps
collectively known as the handshake?
A.The client requests to connect to the secure server, and the server sends its pre-signed certificate to the
B.The certificate authority (CA) validates the server to the client, and the client tells the server which types
of encryption keys it supports.
C.The server sends its pre-signed certificate to the client, and the client verifies that the certificate was
issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA).
D.The client verifies that the certificate was issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA), and the CA
validates the server to the client.
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
18.A company has recently formed a strategic partnership with another company to conduct
electronic business. Which of the following technologies is used to connect networks?
A.Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
B.Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
C.Virtual Private Network (VPN)
D.Online Trading Protocol (OTP)
19.Seamus has noticed that although his company receives many product orders online, very few
customers return to place additional orders. He investigates, and learns that customer order
delivery is taking a very long time. What should Seamus implement in his online store to solve
this problem?
A.An improved shopping cart module
B.An improved secure transaction processing module
C.An improved product catalog module
D.An improved fulfillment tracking module
20.All of the following types of certificates are currently used, EXCEPT:
A.certificate authority certificate.
B.server certificate.
C.personal certificate.
D.system certificate.
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