Examview Quickstep Guide: take a lan test in exam view test player without a class roster(2)

Examview Quickstep Guide:   take a lan test in exam view test player without a class roster(2) screenshot

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_____________ ExamView Quick Step Guide Take a LAN Test in ExamView Test Player without a Class Roster For tests that you administer on your LAN, students must use the ExamView Test Player to take the test. Before your students can take the test, make sure that the program is installed on your network and that students have read/write (full) access to the folder where the test is located. You can include any question type (multiple choice, true/false, numeric response, completion, essay, etc.) on an online test. The program automatically scores any objective (e.g., multiple choice), completion, or numeric response questions. You must manually score any open-ended (e.g., essay) questions as described in the next section—Get Results from a LAN Test. To take an online test… 1. Start the ExamView Test Player program. 2. Enter the student name and ID. Click the Next button to continue. 3. Select the test and click the Next button. 4. If you do not see the test listed, click the Folder button to change the location. The program will show only those tests that the student may access. For example, if you set a date range when the test is available, you will Test Player welcome screen not see the test if the current date is not in that range. 5. Review the test information and click the Start button to begin the test. 6. The ExamView Test Player displays one question at a time. Students can answer a question by clicking the radio buttons, clicking the choice buttons, or by typing a response. _____________ ExamView Quick Step Guide ExamView Test Player Window ExamView Test Player window Most of the button functions are also accessible by using menu options or keyboard shortcuts. A summary of the button controls are shown below. Help: Launch the program Help topics. Score: When active, this button allows you to check your answer. Go To: Navigate to a different, specific question. End: End the test. Media: Play a multimedia link. This option is only available when media is associated with a question. Question Navigation Strip: Use this menu to advance to the first, previous, next, or last question on the test. _____________ ExamView Quick Step Guide 7. Respond to each question. If enabled, click the Score button to display feedback for the selected answer (see module 2 for adding feedback to a question). 8. Click the End button when you are finished. Feedback prompt 9. Depending on the reporting options you set, a report will appear. Test Score window 10. If enabled, click the Print button to create a hardcopy of the results. 11. Click the Exit button to quit the program, or click the New button to start a new test.