Excellence in IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

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Excellence in IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
If you looking to get better cost control over your IT infrastructure, system and application or
you want to benefit from the changing needs of business or if you want only to improve the
service quality, it is best to think about IT infrastructure outsourcing.
IT Infrastructure Outsourcing has been an all or nothing approach to Infrastructure sourcing. It
brings along with it big opportunities for today's businesses, but it also brings in big
challenges. Businesses and end users are becoming very demanding wanting round the
clock support, system mobility, flexibility to access information from anywhere and wanting
new applications, all in a fast pace.
Apart from this increasing costs and retaining IT skills within the company can be difficult.
New technologies require new training and sometimes new support software. Recruiting new
skilled staff is also a challenge.
Need for IT Outsourcing
Customer has become more demanding.
Enhanced access to information.
Security and integrity risk.
Real time management of system performance.
Global Mobility
Outsourcing IT infrastructure to professionally companies is productive many a times.
Advantages of IT outsourcing are many. Let's discuss some here:
Focus on Core Competence - Your core competence is not IT. So while you focus on your
core business, outsource the IT Infrastructure management to those whose expertise is just
that i.e. IT Infrastructure. However, make sure that you choose the right outsourcing vendor
matching your business needs.
Cost Over Time - The cost of out sourcing IT Infrastructure Management works out to be
more cost effective, if all the factors like hiring specialized IT resource, staffing cost, attrition
cost etc are all taken into account. You save from 20 -30% on overall cost of your IT
No Need for Hiring Specialized IT Resource - With technology on the roll, the need for
various technology platforms and skill sets also keeps changing. Hiring IT resource for every
platform can put a strain on the IT budget. Outsourcing IT solves these problems as providing
the right resource is the problem of the outsourcing partner. Pooling resources from
outsourcing can help optimize quality, efficiency, talent, and collaboration.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - Gain control over your work through Service Level
Agreements (SLAs), so you always know what you're paying for. You gain real-time visibility
into your infrastructure support system with the help of customized dashboards. You get latest
technology and real-time insights to mitigate the risk factors associated with Distributed Agile
IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management - Outsourcing ensures 99.9% uptime of
your IT Infrastructure. Optimization of the existing IT Infrastructure ensures that you are able
to serve your customer better gaining better return on investment (ROI) on your IT spend.
Access to latest technology and real-time insights can mitigate the risk factors associated with
distributed agile development.
Single Window Approach - A single window approach suffices your need for IT
Infrastructure requirements spanning from Data Center management to end user computing
to multi vendor management. This saves you time and effort in allocating services to a single
Before going in for IT outsourcing companies should factor in all possible costs and benefits
arising out of their decision. All said and done, the project simply falls apart if it does not have
a financial viability to it.
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