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Annette is a transplanted New Yorker who now resides in Central New Jersey. She is an NYU graduate
who majored in Journalism. Her entrepreneurial endeavors have taken her into the arenas of real
estate and marketing. She has been an ardent follower of Personal Development for 30 years. But her
passion has always been to uplift and motivate people throughout all of her walks in life. She is now an
emerging presence in the transformational life coaching field, specializing but not limited to the LGBT
community. Through this book, which is her first debut as an Author and a Poet, she is now sharing
her own views as a human being on this planet and a woman of color who is an out lesbian. She views
the world through a multi-dimensional perspective and empowers people world-wide to live their lives
out of the ordinary - into the extraordinary. She is committed to raising the consciousness and self-
worth of individuals so that they may see their potential under the most trying of circumstances. She
addresses the spectrum of transformation from weight loss to personal loss. She believes that by taking
the time to heal what is "broken" from the outside and feeding our spirits from the inside, we can heal
ourselves to a more joyful existence. That is where true freedom and power lies. It is that passion from
which this book was born.
You can follow her on Twitter @coachbrent & on Facebook at www.facebook.com/annetterbrent.
To learn more about her coaching services, visit her website at www.thetransformationcorner.com

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w w w . t h e t r a n s f o r m a t i o n c o r n e r . c o m

Welcome to the delivery of my first book. I thank you for sharing this exciting experience with
me. First, let me say what this book is not.

It’s not about food, candied yams, sweet potato pie or black-eyed peas, collard greens n things,
though I grew up on many of those foods and they certainly fed my soul!

I hope you will find nourishment here, for your soul and affirmations to live by, for those doubt-
filled days & challenging moments. These quotes and reflections are all my original creations &
thoughts, all written from my own personal experiences and outlook. Topics range from Love and
Laughter to Coming Out, Self-Love, Relationships, Adversity & more. All seasoned with a pinch of
poetic flavor. Perhaps you will consider this as your food in the pantry for a rainy day. They have
sustained me through many a challenging day and I’m passing them on to you, in the hopes that
they uplift and nourish you, as they have me.

Build bridges, not walls, so that people may see each other's faces and
hear one another's words as we cross from one understanding to another,
without destruction, isolation and separation.
- annette r brent (c)
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w w w . t h e t r a n s f o r m a t i o n c o r n e r . c o m

Social media was a relatively new concept to me less than two years ago. But I
never realized when I first “signed-up” that it would have such an impact on my
life. It was the medium through which my life might change. Through the course
of everyday conversation between folks I knew personally and those I’d just met, I
was connecting through words and common experiences. More importantly, I
was writing again on a regular basis. My perception changed and I saw not just
with my eye, but my heart as well. It was at that moment, that I started writing
not just from my mind, but from the Creator’s heart.
Several people have sent me messages telling me that my status updates or
notes, etc were just what they needed to hear at the time. Others have told me
my words have helped them through a difficult period. I don’t say this to bring
attention to me, but to the real presence of the Creator behind my words. I am a
vessel of encouragement, healing and inspiration. That’s all I am and that’s
God doesn’t always answer prayers in our time, but at the right time…in his/her
ordained time. This is the right time for me to speak to you because these words
have flown freely from my soul. These are messages that come to me effortlessly.
Never before have I been able to write so freely, consistently and intuitively. I
don’t sit at the computer and think, I just type what I hear and what I feel. So I
know this is the right time for me to be here with you sharing these words that I
have strung together so that they flow with the rhythm of your life, the highs and
lows of your days and nights. I only wish for you to hear my words now.

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w w w . t h e t r a n s f o r m a t i o n c o r n e r . c o m


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Poems, Reflections and Inspirational Quotes on:
Chapter 1: Love -

Chapter 2: Laughter

Chapter 3: Forgiveness


Chapter 4: Gratitude

Chapter 5: Mindfulness

Chapter 6: Adversity

Chapter 7: Coming Out

Chapter 8: Spirituality & Sexuality

Chapter 9: Self-Ish - Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem
Chapter 10: Relationships


Chapter 11: Being Alone But Not Lonely

Chapter 12: Change


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