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3 Simple Tricks To Get Rid
Of Cellulite For Good

Most women have the
misfortune of
developing cellulite at
some point in their lives.
A woman's body is
genetically prone to the
development of these
unsightly, lumpy
deposits of fat beneath
the skin.
Exercise alone does
little to alleviate
cellulite, and requires
continuous dedication
to maintain results.

Once the exercise is
discontinued, the cellulite
will come right back.
However, there are a few
ways to go about
decreasing the dimpling
appearance of cellulite,
which do not involve hours
at the gym, expensive
creams or liposuction.
Here are 3 tips to get rid
of cellulite that will
actually work.

1) Improve Circulation

Few people realize that
cellulite is directly
related to blood
When cellulite is
deposited as small fat
pockets underneath the
skin, those areas no
longer receive proper
blood flow. This allows for
toxins to begin
accumulating in the body.

Proper circulation is
essential for everything from
cardiovascular health to the
growth of hair and
fingernails. To work on
improving the circulation,
make sure to move every day.
This is not referring to
vigorous training sessions at
the gym in at attempt to rid
the body of cellulite, but
rather good old fashioned

Get the blood moving and
heart pumping by adding
daily walking, jogging,
cycling, or any other physical
activity. Deep breathing
exercises are also beneficial
and will get the blood
Thirty minutes of vigorous
cardiovascular activity three
times per week is
recommended for purposes
of improving circulation and
helping to get rid of cellulite.

Aside from working on
improving circulation from the
inside, you can also target areas
of cellulite where you see it
Rubbing, massaging, brushing,
or scrubbing the cellulite can be
done for a period of fifteen
minutes using a skin stimulator
or medium bristle brush. This
combats cellulite by increasing
the flow of blood to that area,
and skin should appear a
healthy pink color when

By stimulating the areas
of cellulite in this
manner, it allows the
blood vessels on the
surface to help clear any
clogged or damaged
tissues and allow toxins
to be released, this
improving the
appearance of cellulite.