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Facebook Ads ManagerGetting Started GuideAds Manager TutorialFacebook Ads ManagerAds Manager is a powerful tool to help you manage and optimize your advertising account on Facebook. In addition to providing basic information about your campaigns and ads, we are pleased to announce a suite of new features that make it even easier to check the current performance of your ads and make rapid optimizations to ad creative, targeting, bids and budgets. These new features include search abilities, improved navigation, and inline ad detail editing.The following pages will help you get adjusted quickly to the new interface and become more efficient about managing your Facebook advertising account. Ads Manager TutorialAds ManagerPersistent Create an Ad buttonNotifications of account activity including daily spendSearch and browse navigationConstantly updated campaign statisticsContextual helpChart of key metrics like impressions, clicks and CTR. Click and drag either end of the slider to change the time period.Ads Manager Home PageReal Time Metrics for Optimization.Ads Manager is a powerful tool to help you optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns in real-time. With constantly updated statistics and inline editing features, you are able to quickly identify successful campaign and ad attributes, create new campaigns and ads, adjust existing cam-paigns and ads, and reallocate your budget - all in the simple to use web interface. Ads Manager TutorialAds Manager Navigation All Campaigns PageCampaign PageAd PageAll Campaigns Page (Ads Manager Home)The All Campaigns Page provides one digest of all your campaigns and includes high-level statistics for quick consumption. The list of campaigns is defaulted by status, like “Active” or Paused”, and then listed alphabetically. You can choose to sort by any of the columns such as campaign name, status, budget/day, clicks, or impressions to more easily identify necessary campaign optimizations. Campaign PageThe Campaign Page contains more detailed information about the ads in an individual cam-paign. To navigate here, click on the name of the campaign either in the left navigation or the stats chart. You’ll be directed to the campaign’s detailed page that includes a list of all the ads in that campaign and a sum of their total performance.Ads PageThe Ads Page includes daily performance, spend, a preview of the ad and the ability to edit the ad name, status, bid and targeting. You can also edit the ad title, image and body. The ad page can be reached by clicking on the name of an ad from a campaign page or search for it in the search box from any page.Ads Manager TutorialAds Manager Navigation Search boxList of campaignsMore ads managementContextual helpAll Campaigns Page (Ads Manager Home)Browse and searchYou’ll find a scrollable list of all your campaigns on the left side of every page. This persistent navigation follows you as you navigate deeper into Ads Manager allowing you to easily navi-gate back to all or any specific campaign and the ads within them. In addition, you can use the search box to find campaigns or ads by their names. Additional navigationMore detailed reports including aggregated demographic insights and exportable CSV and excel files can be found by clicking on the Reports link under the list of campaigns on the left side of every page. In addition, your Billings and Settings preferences can be found here. You may also navigate to your Pages insights and Pages Manager from your Ads Manager.HelpEvery page in Ads Manager has it’s own help box and includes a glossary for the terms found on that page and two of the top questions. Each of these links opens a dialog box allowing you to easily get help in one click. If you need more information, click on the “see all” link for more details including reference guides and frequently asked questions.Ads Manager TutorialCampaign EditingHome page (tight view on real-time stats)Campaign Editing CapabilitiesYou can edit various aspects of your campaign on Facebook including the name of your cam-paign, the status of your campaign, and your budget. To make changes to a campaign, click on the option you’d like to edit (name, status, or budget). When you’ve made your desired changes, click “Save”.Alternatively, you can click the checkbox to the left of any campaign you’d like to edit allow-ing you to edit more than one campaign at a time. Above the list of campaigns, you’ll see a button with the option to edit the number of rows you’ve chosen. Click this and you’ll be able to change the name, status or budget of any checked campaign. When you’re finished, click “Save”.Campaign Name: The name of your campaign should easily identify the ads that are in that campaign and your objective. Campaign Status: The status of your campaign supersedes the status of ads in your cam-paign. When you pause a campaign, all the ads in that campaign are paused. You must change the status of your campaign to “active” if you’d like one or more ads in that cam-paign active. Your campaign’s daily budget dictacts the maximum amount you’ll spend for the set of ads in that campaign.Daily Budget: Your budget is a daily maximum spend per campaign. This is the sum of the activity of each of the ads in your campaign. So if for instance you have 5 ads in a campaign at $50/day, each ad will be delivered until $10 maximum/day and will restart the next day.Ads Manager TutorialEditing AdsAd Page (editing ad CPC bid)Ad Editing CapabilitiesYou can edit various elements of your ad in Ads Manager including the name, status, bid, targeting and creative inline making it much quicker to fine tune your ads. Editing Name, Status or Bid: Editing ad names, status and bid is achieved by clicking on the appropriate blue “Edit” link in the gray box above your daily stats. Once you’ve made your desired changes, click “Save”. Edit Ad Creative: You’ll be directed to the ad creation page where your creative, targeting, scheduling and payments fields are pre-populated with your existing ad settings. Edits you make here will replace your existing ad.Create a Similar Ad: You may choose to clone your ad altering it slightly with targeting, creative or scheduling edits by clicking on the “Create a Similar Ad” button. You’ll be directed to the ad creation page where your creative, targeting, scheduling and payments fields are pre-populated with your existing ad settings. You may adjust any field. Once you submit your changes, a new ad will appear in the same campaign and will have a status that is pending review.Ads Manager TutorialMore ResourcesFeedback: Send us feedback about the new Ads Manager by clicking on the “Send us feedback” link in the upper right corner in Ads Manager. Your feedback will be used to continue to improve the Ads Manager over time.FAQ: There is also a robust frequently asked questions help center created for the new Ads Manager. You can find this link in the upper right corner in Ads Manager.Facebook Ads Page: Become a fan of the Facebook Ads Page (http://www.facebook.com/facebookads) to stay updated about any product announcements, news, to engage in a dialog with fellow advertisers, and find a plethora of reference guides to help you find more successFAQ